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  1. This is the same guy. Initials DS. He uses the login Hex Kraut on some of the boards. If anyone has information on this guy please call the postal inspectors office at 877-876-2455 and refer to case: CA103954008
  2. Hi Sterling, I did see that on the Subal site - just wondering if anyone has any experience with it. It is half the price and would be better for travel. I will probably go with the Canon 10-22 or Tokina 10-17 and 8" dome. Thanks, Jim
  3. Does anyone use this port for a canon 10-22?
  4. I saw a used Subal housing on Backscatter's site in case you haven't seen it
  5. I haven't been looking at subal due to the price but this would be a good deal. I do have a few questions if you dont mind. Will ETTL2 work with my 50D? I have heard there are differences between 40D and 50D. If you could only buy one lens / port combination, which would you choose, ef-s 60mm, 100mm macro, EF-s 10-22, or Tokina 10-17 (I don't have any of these yet Thanks, Jim
  6. Hi Phil, I am interested in the housing if you will take Paypal. I was recently burned purchasing a housing though a forum by check and have no interest in a repeat. Let me know Jim
  7. Purchased an Ikelite Housing for Canon 50D and a port for an EF-S 10-22 lens from a forum (not this site) and only received the original box with the handle. The person I purchased from refused to refund my money because he believes his responsibility stopped when he dropped the package off. He was supposed to put insurance on the shipment but did not and so I will be suing him in small claims court when the postal inspectors investigation is complete. The shipment was from Houston, TX to Gaithersburg, MD and it has not been determined if it is mail theft (internal employee) or mail fraud (seller). The housing is: Ikelite Housing Model 6870.50 serial # 32548 and port for Canon 10-22mm lens. Not sure if this would all fit in the housing box which is why the seller is suspect.
  8. I am interested in one of the strobes. If you have one left please email. jimdyer01@gmail.com
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