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  1. Hi I saw this tiny shrimp (about 2-3 cm) at 13 meters on a muck dive site. It moved a bit like a tiger but now when i see the picture big it looks more like a harlequin. I have seen tiny harlequins before and they had more color. I know the pics are not good but can somebody help? Thanks
  2. I am! please send me a PM with your price. thanks
  3. Hi I am looking for a charger for a FIX LED 1000 DX. If it comes with spare battery better. Thanks
  4. Hi I have the chance to buy a FIX LED 1000DX, a fisherman found it wash up on the beach, so it doesn´t come with charger or instructions. It still works. I need to find a charger but i still don´t know how to open it to charge it?!. I have never had one of this before, so i have no idea how it works. please help thanks
  5. I live around Tulaben, I love this nudi. I have been seen it from Amed up to Puri Jati in a few muck dive sites. It is nice to finally know the name. Thank you all!
  6. Hi everyone, is this a juvenile mototi. It has the blue rings. We found it at 14 mt. It was about 5-6 cm big and moved like a mototi.
  7. I think the little fish with him is a golden pilot trevally. It did not look like it was shedding the skin, it looked like like keal. i looked at pic from the olive but the pattern is s different. I don´t find any good web page for sea snakes any suggestion? Thanks
  8. Nice little guy! how deep did you find and what is it sitting on?
  9. it does look like a eel but has scales, you can see them when you zoom the pic.Is there one eel with scales?
  10. hi i found this froggie tucked between 2 rocks. It was actually mating with a smaller one that was behind it, but i have no pics from the 2 of them.. can anyone ID it?
  11. Hi I saw this snake on my way up from the dive at 2 meters. I wasn´t prepared so the pictures are trully crap, but can somebody ID it? Thanks
  12. Boy i am so bad with names... I don´t have a better picture...i haven´t upgraded my macro, next x mas i will behave well and hope for the best.
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