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  1. Hi

    I saw this tiny shrimp (about 2-3 cm) at 13 meters on a muck dive site. It moved a bit like a tiger but now when i see the picture big it looks more like a harlequin. I have seen tiny harlequins before and they had more color. I know the pics are not good but can somebody help?




  2. Hi


    I have the chance to buy a FIX LED 1000DX, a fisherman found it wash up on the beach, so it doesn´t come with charger or instructions. It still works. I need to find a charger but i still don´t know how to open it to charge it?!. I have never had one of this before, so i have no idea how it works.

    please help



  3. I saw this one while diving at scuba Seraya a couple weeks ago.


    I live around Tulaben, I love this nudi. I have been seen it from Amed up to Puri Jati in a few muck dive sites.

    It is nice to finally know the name. Thank you all!

  4. I think the little fish with him is a golden pilot trevally. It did not look like it was shedding the skin, it looked like like keal. i looked at pic from the olive but the pattern is s different. I don´t find any good web page for sea snakes any suggestion?


  5. Looks like it has a fin on the bottom. I did a little looking. Didn't find any sea snakes with apparent fins. I'm guessing an eel or fish.

    it does look like a eel but has scales, you can see them when you zoom the pic.Is there one eel with scales?

  6. I think you mean Tozeuma. It does look like one of those. The picture is a little small for identifying the species.

    Boy i am so bad with names... I don´t have a better picture...i haven´t upgraded my macro, next x mas i will behave well and hope for the best.

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