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  1. Why join a group when for the same cost with you can be exclusive? Enjoy a tailor made trip with your own private dive guide and transport. Dive the best sites whenever you want and as long as your air lasts. See more fish and less divers. Shoot more photo subjects with your own macro and muck specialist guides. Discover Bali's wrecks,reefs and big stuff with www.balidivetours.com
  2. Thanks Jim It does look like your pictures. Greets
  3. Thannks Karl we acctually saw it at Robbs jetty, so prettty close to Ammo. Greets
  4. Hi Everyone, Jet another fish for ID. Please help. We found it on a night dive in Perth. thanks
  5. Hi Everyone, another fish we found in south western Australia. Please help us ID it. Thanks
  6. Thanks Jim We kept diving all the way to Bremer Bay and saw it several times. Really nice one to see. Cheers
  7. Hi Gina It does look like a necklace carpetshark! Thanks a lot
  8. yeah i canĀ“t wait to get home and search my fish books. It was so pretty
  9. Hi We found this shark in Perth (Australia) in 6 mt deep water on a shore dive. We think is a cat shark. Can anybody please ID it? Thanks
  10. i think it is the same one i saw in the Togian Islands in Sulawesi, it was on a shallow, muddy dive, not much else to see but a populated colony of those.
  11. Hi Nick I wrote to Leslie and she reply: It's an obligate commensal which is identified in the Japanese crustacean books as either Hippolyte commensalis or Hippolyte species, undescribed. Somebody posted some pics of it back in 01.2009. Happy to know what it is. Thanks for your help
  12. Thanks Nick, I do not think is that one. It does look different when you see it life. It is not transparent and quite chubby. But tiny and really hard to see. Since i found this one, i have found three other colonies...
  13. Hi, Does anybody know the name of this specie? It lives on a soft coral in the swallow water. Thanks
  14. I live in Bali and i find http://lembehresort.com/critters.php very useful for this area as well. for froggies: http://www.frogfish.ch/
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