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  1. Hi megtooth Thanks for the reply. It looks like the Aquatica upgrade while being available is not very popular. B&H Photo shows a 6-8 week time for receiving one. I'm guessing these are made to order items and not stocked.
  2. Has anyone installed the Aquatica Housing Upgrade (20083-UPKIT)? I was wondering how well the upgrade works and how it compares to using the A5DMKIV housing. The kit looks fairly easy to install. Price is US$795.
  3. Price lowered. Make offers here or on eBay.
  4. I have listed these on eBay https://www.ebay.com/itm/Pair-of-Sea-Sea-Sea-and-Sea-YS-250-PRO-Strobes/233102851705?hash=item3646033e79:g:p-EAAOSwaiBcROuS:rk:1:pf:1&frcectupt=true
  5. Three years later and Zen now has the DP-100-ACR (with Removable shade). The mount is the same and does not allow the port to be locked. The Zen port is a cheaper alternative to the Aquatica when using just the Canon 8-15mm Lens. 2016 Retail Price Zen Port US$899 (extension not needed) Aquatica Port US$734 + Extension US$249 = US$983
  6. Received Aquatica Mini Macro Port 18430 Also need Aquatica Focus Ring AQ-49015. Thanks,
  7. Received Aquatica Zoom Gear 49001. Still need other items. Thanks,
  8. I am looking for the following items: Zen Dome DP-100-ACR (must have removable shade) Aquatica Zoom Gear 49001 Aquatica Mini Macro Port 18430 Aquatica Extension 48455 (would consider 18455 also) Thanks!
  9. I'm planning on using the Canon 8-15mm. I missed the option to have Aquatica remove the shade (or do it myself). However, with the Zen not needing an extension and thus one less seal along with the removable (and re-attachable) shade has me going in that direction. Time to see if updating the flat port at this time also makes sense. Thanks all.
  10. I'm going to try using a 4" dome on my next trip and wonder if there is any preference between the Zen DP-100-ACR and the Aquatica 18410 Mini Dome 100? The Aquatica Mini Dome requires the 48463 Port Extension and the shade is not removable. Does the Zen DP-100-ACR require a separate port extension? Also, the shade is removable on the Zen and that has me leaning toward the Zen. Thanks for any insight.
  11. Camera has sold. Housing is still available. US$1200 plus shipping or best offer.
  12. I am selling my Aquatica 5D Mk II Pro Housing and Canon 5D Mark II Body. Both are in excellent condition. Approximately 30 dives with the housing. Never flooded. No dive deeper than 100'. Never any issue. No dings or scratches. Canon shutter count is at 16692. US$2250 plus shipping or best offer.
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