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  1. There's a trend that the nex users are using 18-55 with wet diopters to do macro. Saw some example of it and i have to say it came out well. Maybe this will help.
  2. I have a sola 800 and laluz800. I would recommend the laluz for its price,size and battery life. My sola needs to be recharged every 2 dives. Whereas the laluz can go 3 days of diving. ...or maybe my sola is defected in some way..
  3. First of all, thank you everyone for their advice. Second of all, im sorry i did not mention about the use of the light. Actually, im gonna do both photo and video. That's why i wanted a sola or fix or something that goes beyond 1000 lumen. For now im still deciding between the two. It would be nice if there is a comparison done by those who have both but that sounded like me asking too much. anyways, enough about lights. For now i think im going to pass on the 105mm port idea. Instead im trying to focus on the 60mm itself. If im going supermacro maybe i'll add wetlens later on. (Newb question)..and can someone explain to me about using non-ike strobes on ike. i know i can only do manual. The flash cant be popped up. So where does the other end of the cord go?
  4. Greetings amphibians, I made up my mind to housed my d7k in ikelite. Therefore i have few questions before i buy one. This is my first upgrade from olyXZ1, and also my first dslr, so please forgive my newbie-ness. Any input would be much appreciated. 1) I bought a 60mm D macro + TC for a 2nd hand price. I searched the forum and i found out that there are people who use it with a 105mm port. Just to be sure, can it be done or is there some modification that i need to do? 2)If yes, can i also use the MF modular port/focus extension and will the manual focusing work? 3) I already owned a INON d2000. With my xz1, i only used it with a fiber optic cable. If i'm going to use it with the ike, should i still go for fiber optic or other alternative? 4) Is it worth it if i sell the d2000 and just go for an ike strobe lets say ds161/ds160? 5) One of the local dive shop is selling the zen dome for tokina10-17 at a high price. Im also interested in the Bluewater Precison 5" dome. Should i buy the high priced zen dome locally or order the lesser-priced precision dome by mail? Not to pick on both brands, but is there a difference between the two? 6) For the same price, should i go with SOLA photo 1200 or fisheye fix 1500 (..or is it fix fisheye1500). I kinda like the wired remote control on the fix. So does 300 lumens make a difference? Cheers
  5. olympus also releasing a housing for it (pt08) and a weatherproof 60mm macro. Looks interesting indeed. I just hope the is not JUST an upgrade to epl3 or something..
  6. the m43rd lenses just keeps coming in. especially 3rd party. Besides the newly announced Olympus em5, rumor has it they will also released a 60mm macro plus an underwater housing for it.
  7. hey guys Thought i share this video, and maybe we could make one called "s**t UW Photographer says" or "s**t diver says". Just for fun. If u have a quote or heard others say it, please share.. cheers
  8. Actually there's a way to overcome the supermacro flash thing. The trick is that focus in supermacro,then (without moving ur camera) change the focus to Manual focus. the flash will fire in MF. Its a hassle alright, but if u really need to use it then this is the way. I have only one regret of having this camera. The video is just poor. But there are people who managed to pull it off with some minor tweaks in settings. But i suggest you used it with an external strobe. The housing's port is long therefore it can illuminate the onboard flash. If i could suggest a better one, i would say go for the new s100 or G12. one of the reason i didnt buy the canons because of their port thread to add wet lens. with the xz1 adding a wetlens is a breeze with the 67mm thread.
  9. try this http://www.uwphotographyguide.com/supermac...ter-photography hope it helps
  10. according to dpreview the closest it can focus is 20cm. s90,s95,G11,G12 can focus like 1cm. Is the sensor size really affected the focusing distance??
  11. Here's mine. hope u guys dun mind i post 2. cos the 1st pic is my fav and the 2nd seems to be the people's fav on flickr. Hexabranchus Sanguienes (Spanish Dancer) by Mey.r, on Flickr Commensal Shrimp 2 by Mey.r, on Flickr cheers..
  12. it does, and it is 67mm. did a little bit of discussion on this focus light + stacking closeup lens with Phil on scubaboard. By the looks of it, the closeup lens will be blocking the lights. If u stack em up really good that is.. Maybe NWDiver is kind enough to show us..
  13. guess what, people have been complaining about the 10bar website for a long time now..
  14. imho,i dont think nex7 will do that well. i think for now the nex5n is the king of mirrorless. the gx1 looks good though. Cos i saw on the net the nex5n is better in terms iso test against the nex7. The 24mp is good but it is too much for the sensor. The buzzkill for me about the nex7 is the ridiculous price.
  15. easy, just upgrade. I heard for photo-editing software u jus need a good graphic card and some ram to go with it. Nowadays even the processor is cheap. I know because i jus done so. Before i upgrade it took forever for an image to load on Lr. I then upgrade to a decent processor and add some ram, it works well. (note that i already have a good graphic card i add last year) if u are a pc user, jus stick with it. Things people said that mac is faster is as similar as fanboy wars between canon and nikon...
  16. For a p&s shooter, i love LR than ps. Its simple, more organize and have all the basic editing i ever need. Right now, i only use ps's remove dust/noise feature for removing backscatter. Other than that, i use LR..
  17. i follow this guide http://www.digitaldiver.net/tutorial.backscatter.php
  18. love nudis! The first one is astonishingly sharp!
  19. Found a similar one here in Malaysia few weeks back. But the color is different. My bet, it is a flatworm. By meyrmayfire at 2011-09-21
  20. for a camera that have a 73 point af system (say whaaaatt..) it does looks promising..
  21. Remember earlier i said i wouldnt hold my breath for the sony e-mount macro lens.. well.. speak of the devil.. There is now a new sample pics of the sony 30mm macro lens.. http://sonyalphanex.blogspot.com/2011/09/s...ns-samples.html
  22. Then i guess the best way to achieve macro on the pen series is stacking up those close-up lens.. It's even cheaper that way..
  23. Anyone here knows if the EPL3 also suffers the same focusing problem with the macro lens??
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