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  1. Technology has moved on and so have my post processing skills. So I've had a grand clear out of all my post-processed jpgs on the basis that I can do so much better second time around. Wow, have I recovered so HD space too...


    Currently doing the same thing.

    My uncle wanted me to do a photobook for his dive centre.

    So i took all pics taken there and post-process it for the 2nd time.


    It's a really good thing u know.

    It makes you realize your old pics/first shots is actually kinda lame... :B):

    Hey, your first 10,000 photos are your worst - bresson

  2. There is a gorgeous IQ leica macro lens for the mf3. 45mm so 90mm equiv.



    Yeah, im aware of that.

    Saw some pics of it with the epl1 on flickr.

    Cant deny that the pics were sharp and crisp.

    But sony... u know it,i know it.. (read:more bodies than lenses)

    So it's up to the housing manufacturer.

  3. The reports on this camera seem to be quite similar. This looks like the "micro 4/3s" camera I've been waiting for (though the sensor is APS-C, bigger than micro 4/3s). I have a Nex5 and like it a lot. The NEX-C3 is also nice. But this may be my underwater camera. Also a new flash is out (I have it, much bigger, better than one that ships with kits) and there is a new macro lens coming (available for pre-order on Amazon), and other new lenses to be (hopefully) announced 8/24.


    The funniest thing.. i just sold my nex5 to a friend.

    Never house it though.

    and now the trend is travel light and everyone seems to be downgrading.

    am i too early in selling my nex5 or am i too late to upgrade...


    btw, 3 words to sony. LENSES LENSES LENSES.

    im into macro. and the only offering they have is a 30mm macro lens.

    When is it going to arrive? One thing's for sure,

    i wouldnt hold my breath for it!


    If there's one thing i would love for the nex7 is that

    the housing manufacturer actually have ports for the housing.

    Ports that actually have the capability to use MF lens.

    Boy, i buy that right away!

  4. those guys don't even carry 10bar...


    Jack, at optical ocean, seems to be the only one around here, and around the states.


    Funny, cos last year they were offering me those 10bar nex5.

    I still have the email for proof.


    Looks like someone already bought it then.

  5. Anyone carrying the 10bar housing for nex5, or have a US price for it?


    The nex7 is sure looking to be a great photo tool! Official sony announcement due out in 3 more weeks.



    check scubasymphony.com.

    email them for the price.. if they still have it in stock though.

  6. Seriously, it's whether Oly was tired of reading hate-mails, or they just read forums like Wetpixel to find what photographers need.

    I remember last year when i wanted to compare epl1 with other cameras,

    people said af is important underwater and oly really sucked at it.


    I heard that the new af on the 3 pens', is at par/better than a dslr (correct me on that)

    The ad itself stated "world's fastest".

    So whether the final product is an epic fail or ending up making it to the Guinness Book of World Record,

    I would like to salute Oly for listening to us photographers amateurs and pros alike.

    Take for example, the design. Epl1 was uuuggerrrr-ly. In which why i hate it the 1st place.

    Now that it is more simpler, and seriously, if the 3 doesn't suit any of you, there's something wrong with you.. (or me in that matter)

    I guess my hate mail must have reach them at some point after all..


    And to those haters, who thinks Oly makes "the worst decision on releasing the 3 pens" (i read that somewhere on the net)

    You either hate Oly because they good at listening to people, or just jealous of their success stories.

    There is no perfect camera on planet earth.

    Although release after release of cameras from manufacturers really makes me sick a lil bit.

    Since the change from previous model is very little.

    If the 3 pens really do suck later at some point, and if the only good thing is the af,

    then that would be an epic waste of time for oly.. (and us for discussing about this)


    Final word, great job Oly for listening, just dont suck on the final product.


    (ps: im not an oly fanboy, although i own one of their product)

  7. Greetings wetpixel-ians,

    Just want to share some shots taken over the past month.

    Still learning, so any c&c are welcome.

    Images taken with Oly XZ1+pt50+single d2000.




    Zebra Lion Fish by Mey.r, on Flickr



    Pink Anemone Fish by Mey.r, on Flickr



    Spidercrab 2 by Mey.r, on Flickr



    Beaked Coralfish by Mey.r, on Flickr



    Chromodoris Coi by Mey.r, on Flickr



    Bluespotted Ray by Mey.r, on Flickr



    Chromodoris Magnifa by Mey.r, on Flickr



    Bornella sp. by Mey.r, on Flickr



    Puffer by Mey.r, on Flickr



    Nemo by Mey.r, on Flickr

  8. What's up everyone, big big newbue here and in desperate need of someGuidance. I finallyPurchase a very good condition used setup to do what I've always wanted to do which is underwater photography problem is u have no idea what I'mDoing! I dont even know where my o-rings are!I have an Olympus c 8080 in ikelite pt035 dual tray housing with a ikelite ds50 strobe, tiffen uv filter, oly cla8 conversion lens adapter, oly wcon08d wide conversion lens, oly tcon14d conversion lens, ttl sync cable, micro diopter and wide angle port. I have no idea how to use any of it! Im ordering replacement orings for y housing and strobe as well as ikelite lubricant. I've been looking at the manuals but all the info is overwhelming! Is there a beginner photo for morons or something? :)Looking for some advice to get rolling here, never really used a camera beyond taking pics of my family etc and I really want to do well with this it means alot to me, really really really appreciat any advice to get rolling, thank you!!!


    Now that's a lot of equipment for a newbie. macro and WA complete.

    No wonder you are overwhelmed.

    im not a pro, but base on my newbieness few months back,

    an advice i can give is read. A lot.


    To get you started read about the camera settings http://www.uwphotographyguide.com/canon-s9...rwater-settings

    Then read about how to avoid backscatter and strobe positioning.


    hope this helps.


  9. Whilst having a camera with you helps, it still only helps record the scene that is set before it.


    Often, this has absolutely nothing to do with financial gain. Just because an whale shark sighting is rare at a given point in the ocean, does it mean anyone will want to actually pay for the rights to use the image? The world is awash with whale shark images, and there are many stunning examples. The best - in my view - are those created by photographers who went to the right place at the right time and there for the sole purpose of capturing whale shark behaviour on their sensor. These images are not opportunistic, but planned and envisaged often months or years in advance. Whilst not exclusive in the pro world, this is often a trait that sets a few apart from the rest.


    That and an ability to market & promote the results with the intention of financial gain.


    then i guess that really defines the line between pros and amateurs.

    Like the post before me, i need to take up a lot of courses, a lot of inspiration and a lot of help.

    long way to go my friend =)



  10. its nice to see everyone from from the pros and amateurs alike sharing their experience and ideas.

    the bottom line i see from this is:


    1-Underwater photography is a far different from land photography. IMHO,a p&s underwater shooter is superior than the pros who are afraid of the sea. Nowadays, the scene is that everyone owned a dslr. But not everyone is brave enough to go 20m underwater.


    2-Always have a camera with you. A good camera is the one you have it with you. When i started diving i saw this school of bumphead parrotfish at that time i was camera-less. I went there like 20-25 dives later, not a single sighting of it. My uncle is an instructor at an island and been there for decades. There is only one sighting of a whale shark there, and at that time, you guess it, he was also camera-less.

  11. I just got a pair of Inon S2000 and would like to practice shooting and positioning PRIOR to getting into the water.

    As I believe water cools the stobes, and as I do not want to "burn up" my new strobes, are there any suggested methods for above water practice?


    i was thinking of the same thing.

    just bought a d2000.

    as the manual suggest, u can only try it with one flash.

  12. The XZ1 looks like it will be a very capable camera no doubt and I do like the faster lens. But I like the design/layout/menus on the LX5 much more so and for underwater the faster lens is not that big of a difference, I would rather have the slower but wider lens on the LX5.


    It has been my experience as well that the Panasonic/Leicas have much quicker autofocus than the Oly's (although the new EPL-2 is supposed to be rather good so maybe the XZ1 will be as well) which would be a big plus underwater.



    i read it somewhere that the acessibility on lx5 is better than xz1.

    currently no customization on xz1 menu-accessibility.

    although one could wait for this matter to be converted to firmware update.

    ..in which who knows when.

    then there's the autofocus thing.


    there's a report that the flash cant be triggered during supermacro mode on the xz1

  13. Olys are known for producing really nice jpgs.


    But 99% of us shoot raw underwater.


    The huge problem with olys is their terrible implementation of contrast detect auto focus. The focus lag and total lag time have always been near the worst.


    Maybe this will be the first oly camera to get it right. I have serious reservations! Even their PEN series are not competitive with Panasonic's GF or GH cameras. We'll need more reviews - particularly imaging resources, who always have auto focus and total shutter lag tests in the same conditions for every camera.




    Panasonic & Sony are the only ones yet, to really make contrast detect auto focus sing.



    forgot to mention.

    i shoot raw all the time and an adobe LR lover myself.

    done some pixel-to-pixel hunting between these two.

    jpeg of oly is one of the best in p&s, but raw, the lx5 seems a tad better than the xz1.

    then came the question of why use a handgun when u have a rifle right.


    agreed on the needs of review.

    housing manufacturers is flooding the scene with 1 camera for 2 or 3 housing.

    whether it dslrs or p&s or evil.

    choosing the camera is already a headache, choosing a housing is just permanent head damage!

  14. Hey guys


    I can see threads of lx5 owners choosing their housing. I was impressed with the lx5 underwater pics and earlier this year I was planning to buy one. I thought of going with this setup.


    {lx5+ikelite+ds51+ikelite tray set}


    But with the arrival of xz1, I'm splitting heads choosing which one to go for. If I were to buy the xz1 I thought this could be the setup.


    {xz1+pt50+s2000+3rd party tray set}




    1. Same price (almost) {camera + housing}


    2. ttl in M mode (big plus) (eliminating s95)


    3. Same specs


    4. lcd brightness underwater??? (Complaints of being too dark <both cameras>)


    5. M67 housing






    1. Shutter speed (xz1=1/2000 max, lx5=1/4000 max)


    2. lx5+ikelite housing (big plus) , xz1+oem housing (pt50)


    3. Aperture (xz1=1.8-2.5, lx5=2.0-3.3)


    4. ISO (xz1=100-6400, lx5=80-3200)


    5. Report of smearing on xz1 pics.


    6. ds51 or s2000???


    7. Accessibility of buttons (lx5 better???)


    8. Leica (lx5) versus Zuiko (xz1) lens???




    I know the xz1 is new and there are no reviews of it being underwater.


    however there are some pics of it on http://www.flickr.com/photos/junlao/sets/72157625938656219/with/5464675448/



    So with that, please share your valuable experiences, thoughts and ideas.



  15. since we're in the topic of nex5,lenses & ports,

    i cant help but noticing that aquatica have only a mini-dome port for the 18-55m.

    can sum1 (preferably from aquatica)

    explain the difference between using the 18-55 with a flat port and the mini-dome.

    i stumble upon this thread



    and i know there's a fine line between macro & WA.

    but really would like to see some sample shots from 18-55 & mini-dome.




  16. P.S. One thing I really like about the NEX-5 - the panorama mode... very cool:






    hi cp

    apparently "pixel-to-pixel hunters" are not happy with the panorama.

    sweep panorama underwater is a challenge though.

    with bubbles and so on.


    i would like to ask.

    does nauticam allows any extension on the nex5 housing?

    im interested to use other lens than the e-mount.


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