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  1. nice set of pics care to share what kind of strobe are you using?
  2. thanx that really helps right now i only have a 18-55, however im very interested in getting a fisheye lens (to go with a dome port) but im sure with that i will not be shooting any nudis.. *sigh* really torn apart between nudis & over-under...
  3. greetings fellow amphibians im interested in shooting over-under style of photography. i heard a dome port/fisheye lens is a must to achieve this and also to avoid that distortion. so here i am at the crossroads with a couple of questions. if i have a dome port with a normal (zoom) lens, 1)will i achieve over-under photography?? 2) can i shoot macro with it?? how does it compared to the flat port?? please help. (do share some sample pics/ advice) thanx
  4. that's the thing the panoramic feature is useful for taking landscape pics, in other words, when nothing is moving. other than that, it pretty much sucked.
  5. hey guys just thought this worth sharing http://www.deepshots.co.uk/2010/12/nautica...water-panorama/ cheers
  6. im really looking forward to nikon producing one. there's been rumours. really would love to see it being use with those array of nikkor lenses.
  7. this really is a moot point right even now the dslrs is beating evil fair and square,we moot about it, im not sure how any photography forum will cater the case of DSLR vs EVIL if later evil is at par with dslrs. (as if!) about cost effectivity, you do have a point, however let one's economy be. one of the reason i bought my camera is because of a budget cap. if evil CAN'T be a "bridge" for newbie to upgrade, then let it be their first rig. i respect every point that u have given. however about the megapixels and hi tech, im sure nowadays if anyone wants a camera they would use the internet or ask an experience friend or what not to survey for a camera, im one of them. before i bought mine, i search months endlessly, surveyed every camera i could think of, read forums and reviews, waste my time searching all corners of the internet for the info, comparing it camera by camera and study the code of "digital camera for dummies", then only i decided to buy it. i did not watch a SONY ad and tomorrow i go out and buy it. kinda think of it, i never saw one. seriously. no joke. megapixels? who picks out camera with megapixels? this year,i took pictures with a olympus camera that have 7 megapixel, i dont complaint. i dont put my mind set to "ooohhh,big megapixel...i want" however im sure there are newbies of that type, cos without them, sony olympus panasonic will have to change their name and sell just photocopy machines. thanx let me add some more here last week i went to an international motorshow with a nex5 there was a guy with a dslr. i remember the look on his face when he saw me with my camera. he looks down on me as if i committed a crime or sumthing for owning an EVIL camera. look guys, this is worst than rascism. dont ever judge a person as if he or she cannot own a "PERFECT" camera.
  8. hey guys i maybe inexperience to be discussing about this. however i would like to stress a point that EVIL camera is a perfect upgrade for a compact user. im not going into the war between dslr and evil. i stress this before and always, having several friends with dslrs i admit myself that a dslr is far a better camera than evil. however if we look at the upgrade from a compact to dslr, seriously guys, whether 2nd hand or new, it is still expensive. everyone has money but not everyone is rich. put shutter lag and IQ aside here. in my opinion EVIL camera is like the bridge between compact and dslr. im sure many of newbies used to have a hard time deciding on whether to upgrade. not only that, there are some people who upgrade dslr and an uw housing just to find out that it is not their thing. it would be a waste. changing from a compact to dslr is a big step. Dear loftus, we are all a newbie once. and cameras have evolved dramatically over the years. (did i just took that from an ad..anyways) im sure u are a great photographer now since u had learn by YOURSELF that instantaneous shooting is VERY important. that's a good motivation for any of us. seriously, i don't think im going to hold on to my nex5 10 years later. i just hope 10years later i would learn the same thing as u are loftus. the same thing that every newbie learn after many dives with his or her rig. the most important thing is u learn it by urself, so u know ur strength and weakness in uw photography. im sure none of us here are a good uw photographer just by reading wetpixel's forum from head to toe. my $0.02 thanx
  9. hahaha ok you got me there my point is if u can afford dslr and its big size, go with it. i even consider myself a canon 550D once. same price as the nex. then again i travel a lot and i really want a "cute" camera with a "cute" housing and i like to travel light. besides that i have a budget. that is the main reason why i go with the nex. thats all thankies
  10. hey guys i like your point phil seriously,if anyone can afford a dslr just go with it. theres NO NEED comparing a M4/3rd with a DSLR really. i owned a nex 5 now and have friends with dslrs, and i admit it myself that in terms of IQ and what not, dslr prevails. the thing is im still a student and a newbie in both diving and underwater photography. i do have budgets, a long journey in terms of learning and pure stupidity. peace out
  11. hi alsky for the 3rd & 4th shot, did you use snoot to get the black background? thanx
  12. hi derway didnt u discuss this with @phil rudin at my topic? http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showt...mp;#entry266484 or is it not fully discussed. i would like to know too since i will buy it thanx
  13. hi smanfa when i enquire the price of the 10bar the local uwp shop ,they said that "10bar no longer manufacture this housing" maybe there is something wrong with it. i do now considering a nauticam for it though ..and someone, anyone! please do something about 10bar's website!
  14. hey guys are there any other strobes that have both flash and video-light? besides ds161? thanx
  15. great, now u guys making me want to buy 550d
  16. thanx 4 sharing right now im really on the nex5 side probably gonna buy it at the end of the year with the housing...hopefully
  17. Thanx phil Nice review So are u going to review nex5 aquatica housing next??
  18. i see.. does anyone know which fisheye lense is good for epl-1 & nex 5??
  19. im a big fan of wing bc i think i survey all brand of bc's this kind it is so true that these wing bc cheaper than any other bc. i managed to find the cheapest. us$200 cheaper than the zuma i also heard the same thing as @scorpio_fish that the zuma is not really a stable bc compare to normal bc. i heard some people advice that you should try it out first if it is your 1st time using wing bc.
  20. haha the only "cute"-ness i look at when browsing underwater housing is the PRICE! but then again im sure @phil rudin finds some cutie pleasure in hasselblad. joke.
  21. @phil rudin @theRealDrew cant wait for the review thanx for the tips and advice guys ur knowledge of uw photography, private jets and spending money economically astound me
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