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  1. I should have been more clear. I know there are fisheye lenses that can be used with adapters on the NEX system, but I haven't seen any reports of people using them or talking about the issues. I don't know if there are issues with changing aperture or focus through the adapters,


    On the other hand, I personally have good experience with the Zuiko 8mm fisheye on my Olympus EP-1, using the MMF-1 adapter, so I know that works (focus lag can be an issue with the MMF-1, so I usually switch from AF to MF after I get the approximate range of my shot).


    thats the thing right

    both the cameras are new

    i'll probably wait for another month or so before deciding

    hopefully by then both the camera will update their firmware

    especially the EPL-1 since sony has release firmware v3..


    talk about lenses,

    i manage to find this blog dedicated to sony nex series


  2. The size and weight is really tempting. The housings and cameras are so small, that carry on would be real easy....


    I have had a couple of Aquatica Housings and like them and also know others who really like their Nauticams. If you get a chance to do a hands-on the housing (and the cameras as suggested) probably would be worthwhile. I would guess that either the Aquatica or Nauticam are good choices. Have fun, shopping for the toys is one of the great joys in the world :)


    the funny thing is i just found out about the aquatica price this morning and

    it makes me feel like saying goodbye to 10bar housing (sorry 10bar)..


    it is sarcastically "one of the great joy in the world" when u spend more than the minutes you actually spend taking underwater pics! ^_^;)

  3. Aquatica also has a NEX-5 Housing announced to be shown at DEMA Aquatica Housing - looks a bit shorter than the Nauticam by about 20mm and weighs 2.2 lbs. Would guess the Nauticam about the same weight. Played with an NEX-5 the other day for a couple of moments. Man it is small and housings such as the Nauticam and Aquatica make it real tempting for travel....


    i know right.

    this is one of the main reason im backing off dslr housing

    h20photopros.com already in stock for it.

    and the best part is that it cost slightly cheaper than that of nauticam.

  4. Also, I would look at fisheye or wideangle options on the NEX camera. The Olympus will let you use a Zuiko 8mm fisheye with an adapter, I'm not sure what the equivalent fisheye lens would be on the NEX system.


    i quote this from aquatica website

    "To accommodate the Sony Nex-5 lenses a series of compact port were designed for its range of optics as well as an adapter that will allow the mounting of our current line of ports, this will be appreciated in light of the extended range lenses now available via the various camera mount adapters available for this already popular camera. "

    i guess we just have to wait and see..

  5. Nauticam has just introduced a housing for the NEX-5 which is a pro quality housing, with a selection of interchangable ports. http://nauticamusa.com/?cat=23


    The Olympus housing does have a zoom control and Zen Underwater has released an optical glass port for the Olympus 9-18 W/A zoom. A port for the 8 mm fisheye, Pany 7-14 zoom and Pany 45 macro lens are also coming. http://www.zenunderwater.com/products.php?prodID=5



    I also have a review coming soon on the NA-NEX-5 Nauticam housing.


    Phil Rudin


    thanx phil

    im aware of the zenunderwater and nauticam

    right now im waiting for aquatica housing for the nex5.

    when it came out mayb i'll compare it wih the nauticam.

    u said that "choice is a matter of how much you intend to spend and how much quality you are looking for"

    so lets say money is no object,will you go nex5 or epl1??

  6. hey guys

    im having a dilemma here

    help needed


    now heres what i managed to find so far


    1)sony nex 5 & 10bar housing

    currently i have NOT found any review or sample pics of this 10bar housing.

    so correct me if im wrong.

    this housing cost us$1200 but it has dome port and zoom dials which is a big plus for me.

    i really would like to see some sample pics.


    2)EPL-1 & pt ep01

    the uw housing is cheaper than that of 10bar

    however there are NO zoom dials.

    besides that there are NO wet lenses

    and there are currently NO port or lenses for this housing

    (based on some review on the net)

    (correct me if im wrong)



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