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  1. I just purchased this Sigma 15mm F2.8 DG Fisheye on my last trip (Oct) to Komodo. I purchased it in Indonesia as I had accidentally forgot the same fisheye lens at home! I used it just for the trip and now have it for sale since I already have one. All the wide angle were taken with this lens on the trip. https://www.davidkleinfelt.com/Underwater/Komodo-2019 Asking $500 OBO
  2. I'm guessing about 22k based on the file number I never reset.
  3. No lenses included. Just the camea body and housing and vacuum system.
  4. Still for sale!!!! Great system for someone upgrading to full frame on a budget.
  5. Make sure one of your pins isn't broken in the socket. Also, you can use either socket in manual mode. Check the other socket to see if it works correctly. If not, there may be something going on with the camera hotshoe.
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