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  1. Are there any operators in Cozumel that are photo friendly and don't rush you through the dive so they can get back to get the next load of cattle. I would like to poke along with other photo divers and not feel like I comitted a capital crime by lagging behind the herd. Willing to pay more for quality service. Any help will be greatly appricated. Thanks
  2. Thanks for the help, I went outside and continued to take shots after the low battery icon came on and was able to get above 70 to 80 shots and stopped with the camera still functioning. I also went to Thomas Dist. and ordered a CR-V3 charger and acouple of batteries. I feel a lot better about my choice of camera now. My first dive trip with new camera will be Bonaire in March. Once again thanks for the quick help.
  3. I recently purchased an Olympus PT-350 and have been shooting it on land and find the battery life short. It seems the low battery icon starts to appear after 25 to 30 shots. I am using 2500mah NiMH batteries and when I return them to the charger the light indicating a full comes on in about 15 minuits indicating the batteries still have a significant amount of power left. Anyone have any suggestions or reccomend a differnt battery.
  4. I ordered an Olympus 4040Z from Digital Liquidators on the internet and they said it wad in stock. Four weeks later I still haden't recieved my camera. I had to cancel. BEWARE:mad:
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