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  1. Looking for a used T2i housing. email me at dave@karmannghia.com
  2. Why are you selling? will you seperate, as I also am only looking for a housing to use with a 8" dome port.
  3. Selling a complete dual Ikelite DS161 setup, includes charger and spare dual sync cord. $1800 shipped in the US paypal add 3% email me at dave (at) Karmannghia (dot) com if interested. If local to Ventura CA, come check them out. Build dats is Feb 2010
  4. I mainly dive, but I am starting to freedive with some friends, and want to take pics/video of them. I just bought a Canon T2i, Ikelite housing w/ wide base and 8" dome and a Tokina 10-17mm lens. So now I need suggestion on lighting, Should I go with the Ikelite DS161 that has lights and strobes, or go seperates. I'm in the Ventura area, so I will be mostly in the Anacapa islands areas for filming. Thanks in adavance for you suggestions.
  5. hopefully everything worked great for your trip, I know it may be a little late, but I'm just getting started in this hobby, and ordered the the Ikelite housing, wide port and 8" dome which should be to me next wednesday and I'd be happy to check if mine does the same thing as yours.
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