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  1. -aquatica housing for nikon d200, for parts - was flooded and rebuilt, missing mounting plate. make an offer. -large dome port for aquatica [not glass]/sea and sea housings. moderately scratched. good for learning wide angle. make an offer. -sea & sea macro port with adapter for aquatica housing. make an offer. -small SPL dome port for canon 8-15 fisheye - great condition, make an offer
  2. 2 [non fiber optic] sea & sea sync chords used for inon z240 strobes [to aquatica housing, works for nauticam etc]. retails $125 each, will sell each for $65 or both for $120. [strobe not included]
  3. selling backup sync chords - 1 (one) single ikelite strobe - ikelite housing (4103.51) 2 (two) ikelite dual cord/nikonos-style housing (4104.62) - connect 2 strobes through a single connecter. Make an offer.
  4. Hi Andreas - I have 2 inon z240 type 4 strobes with all accessories plus two cables if you are interested [ship from USA] - i can PM photos Hi Andreas - I have 2 inon z240 type 4 strobes with all accessories plus two cables if you are interested [ship from USA] - i can PM photos
  5. hi there, are you still looking for a pair of z240s? I have a pair in great condition to sell, as well as sync chords and arms.
  6. the powers that be decided to disappear the saddle [which screws into the camera body and holds it fixed inside the housing] from my aquatica d200 housing setup - I have already checked directly with aquatica and this part is no longer available and can't even be custom made - - thought I'd check and see if anyone has an otherwise disabled aquatica d200 housing with a saddle useable as spare parts? any leads greatly appreciated! cheers, tamar
  7. NEW/UNUSED -single ike TTL sync cord 4103.51 [connects single ike strobe to ike housing] $100 new, asking $90 2 lightly used -dual ike-nikonos TTL sync cord [connects 2 ike strobes to non-ike housing ] - no corrosion or flooding 4104.62 $160 new, asking $125 each
  8. hi there - wondering about this `buffing kit`, as I have a dome port with some usual scratches on it too that I am trying to take care of - do they work well? where do you get one? Also, is $500 the price for just the dome port? thanks, Tamar
  9. hi, are you still looking for a housing? i have a like new ikelite housing for the d90, and a used d90 body to go with it..so all you need is the lens, which i assume you have...i also have dome port, strobes, cables..etc.. see my post at http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=41198 let me know if you are interested! cheers
  10. hi ken, still looking for ike strobes? i have a ds 160 and 161 {switching to the smaller inons...} thanks tamar
  11. hi are you still looking for cords?
  12. would you consider lowering the price, or perhaps a trade? have any need for UW photo equipment?
  13. hi all, I have switched to a different system so looking for a new home for the following: ikelite housing for nikon d90 [only one month of use, electronics system overhauled by ikelite, like new] - [bought new for $1300, asking $1000] nikon d90 body [bought in nov 09,well-used but in good condition, comes with 1,5 years remaining on sagemax service plan which will pay for any repairs needed or replace the camera - including in case of flooding] [bought new $800 + service plan, asking $400] 2 ike strobes - ds161 and ds160 [each with battery], one speed charger, and one extra battery [total of 3]. ds161 was bought new in november, ds160 was bought used but just repaired by ikelite and both work great. ds161 comes with arm. [ds161 package bought new for $1200, asking $900 = strobe + arm + charger + one sync cord + battery. ds160 bought used for $700, asking $600 for strobe + 2 batteries] ikelite dome port #5503 [bought new for $200, asking $125] +extra o-rings for port and housing included free basically, everything you need to get shooting with a d90, minus the lens and one strobe arm.. prices negotiable, depending on how much of the package interests you! I also have some spare TTL sync cords, ike-ike and ike-nikonos, single and double, some brand new, some lightly used. please contact me via email tamarmelen@gmail.com if interested! I can send out pics of everything thanks,
  14. hi folks...considering now getting a 24-85 as a temp. substitute until i get my wide angle back ( i know it isnt a sub for wide angle but i am in a place with limited accessibilitiy and this is one of my only options...) just want to know if i can use it behind an 8inch dome port - i have a sea & sea port mounted on aquatica housing for nikon d200 (with adapter of course) , also have a 60mm macro port, but would rather use the dome port- trying to work with what i`ve got! thanks for your help
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