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  1. Hello I am certainly new to this field of photography. I am in a research phase of investigating building a basic sealed housing for photography that will essentially be remote (fired remotely) in a wet environment. This will not be for diving but for floating on/in water bodies primarily for nature photography. Idea is to build a simple aluminium housing with dome port (7d + 16-35mm at this stage). Issues surrounding firing (rf) and controls is certainly still in infancy and not yet investigated thoroughly. This needs to be a robust housing whereby acrylic will not suffice so an "old" second-hand housing is not suitable. I am currently trying to find info on port mounting options (parts required) to fix to an aluminium housing. Can anyone provide links / ideas / recommendations to this type of information or similar project with pictures etc for design considerations. Also ideas for remote firing eg Pocket Wizard experience - understanding that rf will not transmit through aluminium. thanks in advance A
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