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  1. Hello I am a beginner diver and I want to buy DSLR camera and I have a budget of 2000USD for camera and lenses. But in the future, probably by the end of the next year I intend to buy a good housing for that DSLR. The problem is I have no clue about underwater photography with DSLR as I used only Canon PS 720IS with dedicated canon housing. My only rational is that having HD video ability in camera would be fine. And for that reason I'm interested in Canon 7D, 5DmkII (exceed my budget) and Nikon D90... But I really don't know which is more convenient. As I don't now the burden it will cause when I will be selecting the housing flash and suitable lenses.. Probably my problem is that I haven't seen any DSLR equipment in some other's hands so I don't know anything about the DSLR combinations for UW photgraphy. In brief my questions are: Does the camera really matters in terms of choosing housing in the future? Canon or Nikon? Would you advise D90 or 7d or 5DmkII ? What about lenses? Which lenses are more suitable or preferred in underwater photography? Zoom or prime? Or should I think again for UW DSLR because housings and other equipment for DSLRs are very expensive? any commnets, advises and suggestions are very much appreciated! Thank you in advance... PS: Is there any up to date source for learning about DSLRs for UW photography?
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