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  1. Hello, Selling my excellent condition OMD-EM5 and Nauticam housing. Camera includes extra EM5 battery (total of two), flash, manual, various cables and covers, original box. Body has just over 10k shutter actuations so plenty of life left Excellent condition save for the fingerprints, never have had an issue, selling only due to upgrade Housing has audible leak detector, thankfully have never needed as it has never flooded, original box, o-ring removal tool. Extras include rope handle, brand new shutter release extension which makes shooting a LOT easier, especially with dry gloves, tray and left/right handles. This is a great first step upgrade from point and shoot cameras. I was able to get all of this, three ports, lenses and arms in a carry on backpack for travel. All you need to add is a lens and port and you're ready to go! No lenses, ports or arms included. $745 shipped to the US. Willing to ship elsewhere but buyer will need to pay addl shipping. Contact me with any questions or offers. Brian.
  2. Bump for price drop - $300 shipped in US. Outside of US shipping let's have a chat! Make me an offer!!
  3. Selling a brand new, never used SKB 2011-7 case w/ Think Tank designed photo dividers and lid organizer. My backpack photo case is falling apart and I had hoped this would accommodate all my stuff but unfortunately it doesn't. I opened it and began to try and fit my gear in there and I just have too much. It is fantastic, extremely well built and laid out. From the SKB site: SKB has teamed up with Think Tank Photo—the premier photo/video bag and backpack company—to design quality interiors that provide photographers and videographers with the best of both worlds: soft case adaptability with the unparalleled strength and durability people expect from SKB's versatile watertight, airline-tough cases. The 3i-2011-7DL is an airline carry-on approved size, watertight and dustproof, and features a deluxe Nylex-wrapped closed cell fitted foam liner and (10) nylon dividers with heavy duty hook-and-loop tabs to create the perfect fit. Also included in this case is an adhesive-backed hook-and-loop attached lid organizer with laminated clear mesh pockets and a polyester-lined iPad/laptop top-load pocket. Interior Length: 19.50 in (49.53 cm) Interior Width: 10.50 in (26.67 cm) Interior Depth: 5.00 in (12.70 cm) More details: https://www.skbcases.com/music/products/proddetail.php?f=&id=974&o=&c=148&s= These sell for $230 shipped via Adorama, B&H, etc. Will sell for $210 shipped, if you're looking for one of these save yourself $20 Paypal is OK. US shipping only.
  4. Good points all. Especially like the idea of staying put and putting that into glass or just improving. Through this research I've learned a lot, realized that I may in fact have had some settings on the camera sub optimized and now have a new idea on how to move forward with what I've got. Sure the EM1 II would be great but I've never seen that combo used and as others have said, may not be worth the upgrade. I think I'm in a pretty good place right now and will focus on what's behind the camera
  5. As title states, currently shooting EM5 in a Nauticam housing. Have 8mm fisheye, 60mm macro, 12-40mm pro with nauticam/zen ports, a pair of Inon Z240 strobes, a pair of Big Blue focus lights. Big fan of this but have begun thinking about what is next. EM1 is better, from the reviews / comparisons I've read but enough to ditch the EM5? EM5 II again, a big enough improvement to warrant a switch? At this point I think the key things that would make me jump are improved image quality and faster auto focus. Would also love if something had continuous AF. Other items likely fall into the category of nice to have. When I see the comparison sites talk about "what's missing" things like in camera panorama, Bluetooth, etc are not must haves. Thanks!
  6. Thanks for the input. I ended up picking up 12-40mm pro lens and found a zen DP170 II port. Haven't gotten it wet yet but above water the 12-40 is really great! Will try and remember to post back after next underwater trip!
  7. Hello, Have changed my underwater kit a bit and have these items now available for sale: Olympus 14-42mm 1:3.5-5.6 II lens ($300 retail) Nauticam 36136 56mm port ($300 retail) Nauticam 36143 zoom gear ($150 retail) Total retail $750 - will sell for $340 shipped USPS priority in US. Outside of US buyer pays shipping. Paypal preferred. Let me know if you have questions! All items in excellent condition. Brian.
  8. Sent you a PM on this, I'm interested!!
  9. Hello, Looking to find a zoom gear for Nauticam housing for the Oly 12-40mm lens. Could be the O1240-Z Zoom Gear, SKU 36045 from Nauticam or Deepshot or other similar 3d printed versions of this gear. Thanks! Brian.
  10. Hello, Looking for options in a medium zoom lens upgrade from the Oly 14-42 II. I shoot EM5 in a nauticam housing / ports, dual Z-240's, big blue focus/video lights, ULCS arms. I travel with all of this in a backpack as a carry on and it all fits great which I'd prefer not change, but if I had to could build out a carry on roller into a camera carry on so all would fit. My lens collection for UW at the moment is: Panny 60mm macro (w/ 36163 port) Panny 8mm fisheye (w/ 36132 dome port) Oly 14-42 II (using the Panny 60mm port so I don't have to travel with 3 ports) Just got back from 2 weeks in Philippines where the 14-42 was mainly used and I'm just not super excited about the sharpness and quality of it. Here are things I'm considering, open to others as well! 12-50 Oly - From what I understand this lens isn't that much better than the 14-42 and cost of switching isn't worth it. Yes, it does give some benefit of going a bit wider and option to do macro as well but the cost for the port to do so doesn't appear to be worth the results 12-40 Oly Pro - Great top side lens, haven't heard much about performance underwater. On the pro side of it should be excellent picture quality. On the minus side would need another port and have to carry three now (separate ports for 60mm, 8mm and now the 12-40mm) which is going to impact the ability to fit everything in the backpack. WWL-1: Have heard this wet lens in front of the 14-42 provides some great results. On the minus side, this is quite expensive and only underwater use, would still need to carry not only this lens but also an addl port (which I have) adding the proper 14-42 port along with the 8mm dome and 60mm macro. Everything may not fit. What other options are out there to improve this focal range which I haven't considered or are one of the above my best bet? Thanks for the input!
  11. Been thinking about this for an upgrade but the price of the port is keeping me from doing it. I've got the Oly 60mm macro and Panny 8mm fisheye and love them both. Really want something that's in the medium focal range that's of the same quality. Does the 12-50 approach them in that regard? May have to start scouring the for sale board to see if I can pick that combo up used! Thanks! Brian.
  12. Hello, Just got back from a trip and completed Lightroom post for all my pictures. I primarily shot the 14-42 Oly kit lens (version 1) and was happy with the results but found some of the shots softer than I'd like. Are there other lenses out there in this focal range that do a better job optically? The version II? The Panasonic 14-42? Oly 12-50? Something else? Or do I keep this? Kit is EM5 in a Nauticam housing, port and zoom ring. Dual Z-240s, etc. Appreciate your thoughts! Brian
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