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  1. Hi, I am planning to buy a housing for my D7000. Dont know what manufacturer yet. I am sitting on a tight budget. Is it a good alternative to buy a 18-55 mm lens, so I can shoot both macro and WA. Instead of buying a macro and WA lens imediality. Or is another lens better to have a litte bit of both worlds ? Ps. Is there more news about when the review of all the housings will be available ?
  2. Hi, I'm back again. I've looked around a while, and somebody told me that there is a way to put a LCD screen on your housing to replace the viewfinder. And what do i see today on wetpixel, that sony makes a screen for on dslr camera's. Anyone has experience with this ? I think it would be better then a viewfinder to see it. Gives it a delay like the live view on the d7000 ? Anyone who can help me or give me advice ?
  3. Anyone who has experience with aquatica housings ? Better then nauticam, especially in cold water ? Anyone knows when wetpixel will do test with all the d7000 housings together ?
  4. I think i will buy the nauticam or aquatica housing somewhere in june. I would wait a little bit to buy a WA lens and port, beacause thats a lot less buget i need. And upgrade later. In murky waters it is very dificult to take WA shots i think ? Meanwhile i will use my 18-105mm lens for WA shots and buy the macro 60mm lens and port. At this moment i have a S-2000 inon flash. Will this flash be goud enough to take shots for macro and fish portraits ? If i have to buy 2 new flashes, thats a lot of buget, i would upgrade later like the WA lens. And i would buy a bigger viewfinder. The inon or nauticam, i dont know it. Is this a good choice ? PS. Anyone nows if there is a video review of the nauticam housing ? I would like to see it in video....
  5. If i would go for the nauticam housing which viewfinder do you recomend ? I have been looking at the inon 45 degree viewfinder and the nauticam 180 degree viewfinder. Is the inon viewfinder good, can you see the complete picture ? Or is the 180 from nauticam better ?
  6. On land if it is daylight i can see the viewfinder in dark conditions not. I have gget the price for an ikelite and nauticam housing + z-240strobes and arms + tokina 10-17 + nikon 60mm macro + ports Nauticam + viewfinder : 8,315.20 Ikelite + inon viewfinder (if it can be attached ) : 6,442.95 Thats a difference off +- 1800
  7. Whaw !! A lot has been said in this short time ! I think an enlarged viewfinder would be a goods solution to see the image better. I think the problem will be that I can't test the viewfinder and housing VF underwater. If i buy something i would like to now if i can see it :-) Because underwater is different then above water. I rather thinking of going to aluminium housing because the enlarged viewfinders are a lot more choice. But thats again a large cost ! I think i best buy my flashes and arms secondhand, so i can spend more on my housing. I am also afraid that if i buy secondhand there will be something wrong with that things.
  8. Other images The pictures were taken with an olympus PEN 14-42mm lens and s-2000 flash.
  9. Hi, Alex What housing should you advice me, aluminium or ikelite ? Which strobe should you advice ? Do you think tou have to change the body every few yaers ? Because it is a big investment for me....
  10. Hi, Most of the time i dive in belgium and Holland. Murky waters and once a year in egypt. Which macro lens should you advice then ? Can you take fish portraits with a macro lens ? At this moment i have an inon s-2000 wtrobe. Do i have to buy another strobe, a Z-240 ? Most of the people say that you have to change camera if a newer model is out, isn't it the lenses that make te difference ? I have a question, for which shots WA or macro do you need a very good eye vision ? Because.... Actually i am a handicapped diver... I have just a vision of 10 procent, i have RP. I know its strange a person that had lost 90 procent of his vision is taking pictures and underwater... But i like it !!! :-) Can this play role in choosing which housing ?
  11. Hi, I took my first steps in dslr with buying the nikon d7000. It's a big diference then my pen ! I would like to take the camera underwater. But i don't now what housing to buy ?! I dont have a lot of budget. If i buy the nauticam hausing + 1 flash my buget is gone. I then have to wait for 1.5 years for second flash and lenses. Then i have been thinking to buy an ikelite housing. If i buy that housing ik can buy a second flash and extra lenses. But is this a good housing ?! I dont know. Is it worth waiting to buy the extra flash and lenses and buy the nauticam housing. Or go for the ikelite and get better quality pictures with the extra stuff. Some advice please....
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