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  1. Time has run out for me to replace my dead Sea&Sea YS-250 PRO strobe, so I have decided to sell my working one from my pair in case anyone needs one. Condition is used, cosmetically fair (see photos) but the strobe is working perfectly. The strobe comes with the mounting ball, and the battery has been professionally re-celled so is in great working order and negates one of the problems with these sought after yet discontinued flashes. Also comes with the charger, of course. Sundry items are a diffuser and o-ring grease, both also included. I am looking for offers around $400 plus shipping which seems to be the going rate. Item will be shipped from California. If the buyer wants the dead strobe too, for spares, I can throw it in at no extra charge, with charger. It will obviously double your shipping cost though, but you are welcome to it. Thanks for looking, and I will check this thread in case of questions.
  2. Anyone got a SEA & SEA YS-250 PRO strobe and battery for sale in working order? One of mine just died. I would consider buying a pair if the price is right. Many thanks!
  3. Hi, title says it all really. If anyone has a Tokina AF 10-17mm f/3.5-4.5 AT-X DX Fisheye with a Canon mount they're thinking of getting rid of I'm your man. Preferably in the UK, but will buy from elsewhere. Many thanks and here's hoping! Harry
  4. Hi, is this still available and would you ship to the UK? Thanks!
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