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  1. Going to be visiting wife's family for a few weeks in Feb. for our yearly trip. Will be spending a week based in Mooloolaba, then a few days in Byron (dive Julian Rocks), and then Sydney area (HMAS Adelaide). Plan on taking my new Canon 7D , Aquatica, with Tokina wide angle (ambient light) to practice. Will probably do a few photo dives on the HMAS Brisbane. Any recommendations on dive operators? Any other recommendations on other dives spots on the Sunshine coast. Any info or suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks Andy
  2. Housing is sold. Camera body is still available. Thanks Andy
  3. The camera is in excellent to mint condition. No scratches or marks of any kind. It was never used outside of the housing. Here are a few pics. Thanks Andy
  4. Lots of interest. Still available. Thanks Andy
  5. Just to clarify because I have had a few questions. Housing and camera will be sold separately or as a package. Make me an offer. Thanks Andy
  6. Hate to do it, but up for sale is my Aquatica T2i housing only and T2i camera body only . No Aquaview, dome, extension rings, or lenses. Just the housing and camera body. Housing is setup with dual optical and with Aquatica moisture alarm. Both are coming on 2 years old. Lightly used. Very well taken care of. No scratches and only used in fresh water. Never touched saltwater. Camera is mint and was never used outside of the housing. All original boxes. I had this setup with a Tokina 11-16 and 8 inch dome and Aquaview . It took great wide angle wreck photos. Also took some very nice video. the link below shows some of my shots in the St.Lawrence River and Lake Ontario. The T2i has a similar sized sensor as its bigger (and more expensive) brother the 7D. All of my shots were ambient light and it functioned flawlessly. I was a beginner UW photographer and this served me very very well. Looking to move up to another system (Santa was good to me). For a full DSLR setup it is also nice small package for traveling. Sorry for the iphone pics. I can take other pictures of the system if you like. Any questions please let me know. Looking for: T2i/550D housing - $1500 Camera body - $350 Plus shipping. Located in Ontario, Canada Thanks Andy
  7. Thanks stewart. The 5D I am looking at is the Mark II. I am leaning to the 7d because I can use some of my currently lenses and the Aquaview that I have on my housing. I shoot alot of ambient light so that is why I like the extra stop and low light performance of the 5D. Thanks for info. Great advice so far. Andy
  8. I currently have a T2i with Aquatica housing and Tokina 11/16. I love the setup and it has been great. I am in New York for a long weekend and I am thinking about purchasing/moving up to a 7d or possibly and nice used 5d . My primary photography is wreck photos in the Great Lakes. So far I have only shot with ambient light (which I like). I would like to contiinue to do the same in the future. Lowlight performance is very key for me. I could really use some suggestions or comments. This site has been great and has been what got me the bug. Do I move up to the 7d or 5d? I believe I can use my current lenses from the T2i with 7d which is a plus. Any suggestions or comments are greatly appreciated. Thanks Andy Ontario,canada
  9. Is this setup still available? Thanks Andy
  10. Thanks everyone. The feedback is great!!!!! Andy
  11. Hello Tim, I did the B&W conversion by selecting it in Lightroom. I also did a little bit of tweeking with the contrast. I also agree the tinted version seems to bring out a bit more detail. I am very new to this and using Lightroom. I could probably make it look even better in BW with some more work. Andy
  12. I appreciate the comments. I also agree it is tough to tell if the picture is underwater. Unfortunately, I didnt have a diver subject to put into the shot. Alot of my dives tend to be solo. Hopefully, I will get another chance on the wreck and put a diver in the shot. Andy
  13. Out of all of the Shark Week programming....that is the only program that I changed the channel on (back and forth) ......way too much playing it up for the camera (sensational). I also did not see the point to it. How does hooking a shark... show how it hunts???? Other than tick it off.... Andy
  14. Great site Leigh!!!!. I am also a Smugmug user. I have a Smugmug pro account. It looks like you are using SmugMug for your website. Can you tell me how you did it (if its not complicated)? I would like to use the slideshow/portfolio features for SmugMug and create some website content similar to what you did. Thanks Andy
  15. I have been busy taking wrecks photos here in the St.Lawrence River and Lake Ontario. Learning more every time. I use LR for my processing and have been playing with the photos a bit changing the temperature/tint. I would be interested in getting your opinion on what photo you like. The picture was taken on the Wolfe Islander II sunk in Kingston as an aritifical reef. Take using ambient light only. Aquatica T2i/tokina 11/16mm Exp - 1/30 F/2.8 ISO 800 focal length 11mm Thanks in advance. Andy Image#1 Image #2 Image #3
  16. Thanks Bill. What model of Epson are you using? Thanks Andy
  17. I am new to this with not much experience in printing photos. I have been doing alot of BW photography and would like to create some high quality prints on occasion. Not looking to large format probably 5X7 would be the largest most of the time. Looking at using some high quality photopaper (thick stock). Any recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks Andy
  18. I have added some recent updates to my gallery. More wrecks of the St. Lawrence River and a couple of Lake Ontario wrecks. Still learning as I go. St.Lawrence River/Lake Ontario wreck gallery Thanks Andy
  19. Lee, Thanks for the comments and suggestions. I will definitely keep them in mind as I progress. This is all a learning experience for me (last couple of months). Thanks again. Andy
  20. I am looking at trying to do a panorama of one of our local favorite wrecks. Depth 65feet. Length of wreck 132 feet. The plan is to shoot the entire starboard side of wreck with multiple overlapping shots. I plan on using a tripod, taking multiple overlapping shots, using the same focal length and other settings. I will use a my reel line to setup a "shooting line" the entire length keeping me equal distance. This will be an ambient light project. I plan on timing it in the day where the sun will be at my back for all of the shots. I will be converting all shots in B&W. I have had pretty good luck with my shots so far but I am looking forward to trying an overall panorama The overall goal is to produce a nice print that can me framed/mounted. I have both PhotoShop Elements and Lightroom 3. Both have panorama features. Any suggestions on software tools to use? I am a relative newbie at uwphoto having just started this year. Does the above make sense? Any other tips/suggestions. I welcome all suggestions. This is a great site. Thanks Andy
  21. Thanks for the input. I appreciate it. I will try to fit in a day trip to Monterey. I would love to do some photography in the kelp. Thanks Andy
  22. Very nice. I enjoyed that. Thanks for sharing. Andy
  23. I will be in the bay area for the week of the July 11 and I was thinking about bringing my dive gear and camera and arriving a few days earlier. I am familiar with the area but haven't dove it. Any recommendations in the Monterey Bay area (dive shop or charter)? Anywhere else? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Andy
  24. Some recent updates to the gallery. link below
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