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  1. Thanks Jack, bit more relieved about it now. I'll throw my 11 hour flight into learning a bit about the camera and practising like you suggest. Which mode do u think would be better underwater in terms of priority both for Macro stuff and big fish? Grateful for your help on this and apologies for being a complete noob!!!
  2. Can anyone help urgently - I'm travelling in 36 hours! I'm basically doomed to use the auto settings on my first outing as I have just received the 10bar housing and Panasonic GF1 and therefore havent got used to either of them yet. My problem is that the zoom 'dial' on the side doesnt seem to have any impact on the 14-45mm lens I have on the unit. I have the right port for the housing it just doesn't seem to make enough contact or grip properly when it turns. May just be being stupid but any help would be massively appreciated! Thanks
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