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  1. Thanks! I did all my editing in Premiere Pro because that's what I am use to. Still working on getting up to speed on Davinci Resolve. That being said, PP gives you the option to do a quick WB/tint which helps out a lot, then I adjusted with Fast Color corrector. I took my focus on almost every dive (approx 25+). Still in great working order. I made sure to rinse and also move all legs in fresh just to make sure salt wasn't left anywhere.
  2. I hope you don't mind me chiming in here. I recently had the opportunity to use the first RECSEA BMPCC housing earlier this year in the Philippines. I just got around to releasing my video clip: I have a fairly extensive write-up on the vimeo page about the housing if anyone is interested. I'd be happy to answer any questions here as well. It was really the first time working with Prores/CinemaDNG files for me. I've primarily been a dSLR shooter (on land), but having the latitude that the BMPCC provides in such a small package was really the big selling point to getting the camera in the water. In regards to support, I primarily used a Joby Focus with the Ballhead X. For me, this was a extremely versatile item. 3 points of contacted worked for me easily, and when I didn't need the support, I would invert two of the legs upwards, which would work as side grips, which would allow me to keep my rig smaller by not having to add additional grips.
  3. Did you end up finding a housing? Where are you located?
  4. I had the opportunity to test out the new RECSEA Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera Housing earlier this year in the Philippines. I've copied the writeup from the vimeo page below. Welcome to answer any questions. First time posting a video here, let alone alone of underwater footage, so go easy on me. Earlier this year, I flew to the Philippines and joined A.J Saito from RECSEA to test out their new Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera Housing. The Philippines is home to some of the best diving in the world, and I was happy to be returning for my third visit. I've been shooting underwater with a RECSEA S95 housing for several years and absolutely love it. But ever since the BMPCC was released, I've dreamt of shooting underwater with a higher quality yet compact underwater camera setup. During my two week trip, I had the opportunity dive in the spectacular waters of Anilao, Puerto Galera, and Dumaguete. I had a large array of lenses and ports available for my setup along with several of RECSEA's Mini 1000lm LED lights; most of the footage consists of Panasonic 45mm 2.8 Macro, Olympus 9-18mm 4-5.6, and Panasonic 8mm 3.5 Fisheye. Other lens were tested but not included in this video. My first destination in the Philippines was Anilao, where I stayed and dived for four days with the fantastic crew at the Aiyanar Resort. This was my first time diving in Anilao and it definitely lived up to world-class reputation. I moved on from Anilao to what feels like a second home to me, Puerto Galera, where I earned my PADI Divermaster certification during two-month internship a couple years ago. Upon my arrival in Sabang, Puerto Galera, my good friend Ted Dunn arranged a trip to nearby Verde Island which is probably my favorite dive site of all-time. It's an advanced dive site with strong and varying currents, but it is absolutely rich with color, movement and underwater life. After a couple days of diving and catching up with my friends in Puerto Galera, I jumped on a flight to Dumaguete. This was my first time diving in this area, and Apo and Simulon Island did not disappoint. Technical tidbits: I updated the BMPCC to firmware 1.8.2 prior to this test. Firmware 1.9.3 was released just a few days after my trip which was too bad since that firmware release featured new functions which would of been a great benefit (histogram and time remaining!). This video comprises of footage shot in every type of scenario I could put the camera and housing through, so there variance between shots. I shot in ProresLT , ProresHQ and RAW (CinemaDNG) (highly recommended for color correction!). Usually a 64GB SD card would last at most for two dives, but if I was smart with my shooting, I could sometimes get three dives in. Battery life was superb with the additional 12v battery pack that is included. The extra four 18650 batteries would easily give me more than enough battery power to last 3-4 dives (my SD card would fill up before the batteries would die). After Anilao, I shot only with the Panasonic 8mm lens with no lighting so it was all 'wide' shooting from here on out. I was okay with this as I love shooting wide (but I do have a new fond love for the difficulty of shooting macro). I did NOT have a magic filter for my 8mm lens which I only found out about after my trip. This would be quite helpful with some of my color correction. I rarely pushed the camera above ISO800. The deeper shots (ie: with shark and on the wreck; 30m) are quite blue, but I just wanted to include these shots to show what the camera could capture. I know a majority of those out there prefer underwater footage to be shot at a nice crisp 30p/60p however I kept the camera on 23.976 for a majority of the time. My personal preference has always been to shoot at 23.976 as I prefer the more cinematic look of it. A few shots were done at 30fps and 29.97 then later slowed down respectively in post. I may release a short clip of just 30p footage which actually looks very good.
  5. I was at NAB these past few days and spent some time at the BM booth. The dynamic range on the pocket camera (not to mention size) is something of SERIOUS interest to me (and i'm sure other underwater cinematographers). I previously worked at my fathers CNC machine shop for 7 years and have quite a bit of resources available to me (along with the design background). I've already pre-ordered the pocket camera and have the design specs of the camera coming to me in a few weeks directly from Blackmagic. I'm traveling for the next 2 weeks, but then will start working on the design of the housing. I've never designed one before, but I'm doing a fair amount of research. Sealing of buttons and focus options are the two things that I'm looking into. Any help in this area would be greatly appreciated. I've been looking into lens options as well (I'm a Canon shooter, and just now finally looking into MFT options). I'd really like to have one good wide and one good macro.
  6. Just came across this right now via Google+ and got caught up with the amazing photos here. Figured I'd chime in with a few images from earlier this year, while I was getting my divemaster certification in the Philippines.
  7. After 3.5 months on the road backpacking with my wife, and trying to find some time to edit a small clip during the busy wedding season (we're wedding photographers), I finally put this montage together from some of the diving with did. Everything is shot on a Canon S95 in a Recsea housing. No external macro lens or wide angle was used. In all i'm pretty impressed with this little camera. We'll be taking off again for another 3 months at the end of this year, and I'm hoping to get a wide angle for it. SCUBA :: indonesiaPALAUphilippines on Vimeo our travel blog // http://asphoto.ca/travel
  8. For sale: Ikelite 6240.78 Housing for Canon SD780 IS Price: $200CDN+ship - note: willing to ship to either CAN or US. please PM or email at gujustud at gmail.com. Purchased this housing earlier this year for a dive trip to Thailand. I took the housing on 12 dives. The deepest I took it to was 33m. Never had any issues with leaking. Still have the original box for it. Camera is NOT included with the sale. Other than extremely light scratches from normal use, housing is practically new. No scratches on lens port. The only reason I'm selling is because I upgraded to the S95, and I'm getting a housing for that. More info on the ikelite site: http://www.ikelite.com/web_two/can_sd780.html
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