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  1. Bryce, Thanks for quick reply. I generally don't shoot ttl, so what is your price for the 20d housing? I asume I can connect my ds-125 to your housing?
  2. My Ikelite 20d housing was stolen. Need a replacement and ready to buy.
  3. Bryce, I need a 20d housing. I have ports and connections to ds125(x2). My housing was stolen with a 100mm macro port. I would be estatic to get a replacement port. If the housing is in working order, I will buy...can I ask your price please? Since you are (1) in hawaii (I use to live in waimeia, O.)and I am in Cleveland and (2) we have the same birthday -- I have you by 29 years however, I think you should give it to me, but will pay any reasonable price for it ;o).
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