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  1. Happy world oceans day! You can see it in 4K :-)
  2. My last documentary, I hope you enjoy it :-) https://www.netflixreleases.com/life-in-the-blue-2016/
  3. There's a sea on the planet born out of a geological miracle... The Red Sea
  4. Thanks guys! He was shot in Azores, Canary Islands and Cuba with the Red Epic & Dragon. Edited in FCPX & DaVinci Resolve.
  5. Hello everybody, Here the promo of my latest documentary. I hope you enjoy :-)
  6. Thanks Nick :-) Ric O'Barry nice comment ... https://dolphinproject.net/blog/post/video-just-like-you/
  7. I do not understand why they are cruelly killed by man...
  8. Beautiful project! Have you looked the OrcaLights lights? 22,000 lumens of a lovely light!
  9. This documentary shows us the other side of the mirror,a thin blue film that hides a very different world in which the most prodigious creatures have made their home. This high-quality production, filmed digitally in 5K and 6K resolution, takes a close look at the hive of activity of all those creatures just below the surface of the sea; the secrets of their different ways of adapting in order to survive in this endless world of water. Coming in early 2016. Shooting with Red Epic at 5 K of resolution, Amphibico Rouge & Orcalights..
  10. It is a Bryde's whales. Thank you very much to everyone! :-)
  11. La Palma, Canary Islands. Music by Pablo Díaz-Reixa -El Guincho- All the best
  12. Thank you friends! Nobody said it was easy .-). We have to know to sacrifice very nice shots if they do not bring something special to the video.
  13. Thank you very much. The secret is there, never more than 3 minutes :-)
  14. This is a documentary project on the islands of Macaronesia. Enjoy it :-)
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