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  1. Hi guys. Here are some shots of pilot whales with Red Epic and Amphibico Rouge https://vimeo.com/109921222
  2. Shooting with Red Epic at 5 K of resolution and Amphibico Rouge in Canary Islands. More information in www.macaronesia.tv Illuminated with two Seawolf 2260 from Orcalight. I am very happy with these lights (SeaWoolf 2260)
  3. Thanks Davide! 35 meters depth. In fact I did 3 dives with Sigam 15 mm, 16-35 mm and Canon Canon 60 mm. Canary Islands (Tenerife). When you want :-)
  4. We are starting this fabulous project, "Secrets of Macaronesia". We' d like to share with you this breathtaking trip where we will reveal some of its jealously kept secrets.
  5. Thanks a lot! Uwxplorer... Although it is also magical under it :-)
  6. We live in a world much more amazing than we think it is. A planet dyed in blue that we never come to understand. Under the thin blue line there is a three-dimensional space with unexplored seascapes of primal life, of light effects cradled by the water, of pure magic. A place where we question our commitment with the oceans. Best wishes for 2014!!
  7. I used most of ambient light, but also in a few clips video light. All the best
  8. No, most of the diving in apnea or shallow waters with tank. Thank you very much for your kind words!! All the best
  9. Thanks Drew!. Yes, crocodiles are regularly there, always near the boat, but those who allowed to approach are the smallest , no more than two meters. No crop the picture, but yes There were a few soft shots :-( Loftus, thank you very much for your words, you're right. Maybe one day I make a second part. The next trip will Azores :-)
  10. Thanks! They were two crocodiles, none was Franco, they had no name :-)
  11. Yes, I suspect that the cause could be the distance from the lens to the dome. I have to try the extended of 1.25 ". I like the 17-40 mm for shallow water, sharpen, the problem is its luminosity f4. I'm waiting for the Canon 14-24 or Sigma 18-35. I am afraid there is not much to choose from. :-(
  12. Hi Jonny, Sigma 15 mm & Canon 17-40 mm. I'm not very happy with the Sigma, I see shooting very soft. Now I'm doing tests with the Tokina 10-17 mm. All the best, Rafa
  13. Thanks a lot! Not easy to find music with permission of the author :-(
  14. An oasis of life in the Caribbean, unaware of overcrowding. Perhaps one of the last unspoilt places where we can dive surrounded by sharks or meet face to face the saltwater crocodile in the mangrove channels. Shooting with Red, Epic Amphibico Rouge and Canon lens. https://vimeo.com/69947951
  15. I appreciate your accurate comments. They are my first shots with the camera and everything is new to me. I had an additional problem with fish ball, the lack of light, the sunset was near. I know magenta is a problem that brings the underwater Epic. I thought I had solved it in the REDCINE-x Pro, on my monitor not appreciate magenta Thank you very much. Your comments are of great help me
  16. Shooting with Red Epic camera. My first two weeks with the Red Epic. Very good feeling, easy to handle, with a perfect balance. With the Rouge underwater housing.
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