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  1. We live in a world much more amazing than we think it is. A planet dyed in blue that we never come to understand.

    Under the thin blue line there is a three-dimensional space with unexplored seascapes of primal life, of light effects cradled by the water, of pure magic. A place where we question our commitment with the oceans.


    Best wishes for 2014!!




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  2. Thanks Drew!. Yes, crocodiles are regularly there, always near the boat, but those who allowed to approach are the smallest , no more than two meters.

    No crop the picture, but yes There were a few soft shots :-(


    Loftus, thank you very much for your words, you're right. Maybe one day I make a second part. The next trip will Azores :-)

  3. Yes, I suspect that the cause could be the distance from the lens to the dome. I have to try the extended of 1.25 ".



    I like the 17-40 mm for shallow water, sharpen, the problem is its luminosity f4. I'm waiting for the Canon 14-24 or Sigma 18-35.


    I am afraid there is not much to choose from. :-(

  4. I appreciate your accurate comments. They are my first shots with the camera and everything is new to me. I had an additional problem with fish ball, the lack of light, the sunset was near.


    I know magenta is a problem that brings the underwater Epic. I thought I had solved it in the REDCINE-x Pro, on my monitor not appreciate magenta :fool:


    Thank you very much. Your comments are of great help me

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