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  1. Unfortunately so true! Often I have a bit of remorse for show only the most beautiful images of the ocean. This video is the dark side, very hard, but very real. I apologize for my bad English!
  2. Thank you for your answer. Perhaps it is too long. The music is so hard to give the effect of anger, although I understand your comment.
  3. Thanks a lot! You know, for all of us the salt water is life. You don't spend too much time without the sea!!!
  4. Thanks Jo!! Panasonic HVX200 with Gates Housing and lights Dragonsub
  5. [vimeohd]35152861[/vimeohd] Uncanny nights in winter. Bizarre creatures come up to the coast. Sharing a millenial concert, where everybody has a part to play.
  6. Thanks a lot! The documentary will be 55 minutes and it will end 2012. Thanks David for your words.
  7. Thanks a lot! It is wonderful to be under the sea.
  8. 28949505 [vimeohd]28949505[/vimeohd] Panasonic HVX200 Resized: Moderator
  9. Thank you very much to each of you for your words
  10. Hi Drew, But is it possible to film them underwater?. In the Canary Islands is really hard. I appreciate your words, an interesting point of view.
  11. The open waters are that: a day is a desert and another day are full of life. The Pilots whales are resident groups and you can see all year. For me the secret is to be patient and try to arouse their curiosity. Sure many of you have not appreciated the image of the ziphio of Blanville , it is not very good, they are very shy animals that spend less than 10 percent of his life on the surface. Thank all of you for so many nice words!
  12. Thanks! There is some earlier footage, but most is from 2010 where we navigate 2,853 miles in 453 hours at sea
  13. Behind all, many trips to the open waters, many days without shooting anything. Thank all of you for the comments!
  14. [vimeohd]17282983[/vimeohd] Filmed in the open waters of the Canary Islands. Panasonic HVX200 with Gates housing and SWP44 dome port. DVCPRO HD format 720pn. I apologize by my bad English Best regards
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