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  1. As far I understand you have the camera. Is it true that in auto iso mode it displays the current iso value? Do you find it is a step up from GH5? Thanks
  2. I was watching an episode of the latest Laurent Ballesta expedition in French Polynesia and he was using a quite long lens to photograph some fishes hidden inside corals. Am I wrong or is that a camouflaged Nauticam EMWL lens? I know he is sponsored by Seacam but I guess that EMWL was the right tool for the job Here the full episode:
  3. I'm just realising I made a mistake. The port is sold, the lens is available. Sorry
  4. If even the gh6 were to have the same body as the gh5 we would have to make a statue to Panasonic. P.S. Unconfirmed rumors speak of DPAF....
  5. LENS SOLD. Update: Panasonic Leica DG Macro Elmarit 45mm F2.8 lens Nauticam 36145 focus gear for the above lens Price: 500 €
  6. Lens + zoom gear price updated to 400 euro
  7. Don't know anyone in Nauticam or Subal who can answer this? I imagine that they will see many ports in these conditions and that they will be able to answer about the origins of the chemical phenomenon and its solution and maybe even if the WWL1 or other glass domes have a coating.
  8. I don't think housing manufacturers are that sorry. That a camera shape doesn't change, happens once in a blue moon.
  9. Looking at Laurent Ballesta documentaries there are shots of the groupers with and without lights. It seems shallows so I guess a good wb should help. But I see that action occurs mainly in the night.
  10. I bought this flexible arm from 10Bar. I want to experiment its use with macro video. It should substitute my classic Locline style arms I use for macro. IMHO I canot hold a huge light or strobe. But it should be perfect for small macro lights like mine. It has a quick disconnect end and you can choose between YS and 1" ball adapters. My first impression it's that it wobbles a lot...
  11. I have that bridge. I used it on my old GH3 housing. Now I have the external monitor hence no way to use it. Regardless of the solution, IMHO it's too risky. One thing is to stove a lens like CMC-1 on the arm (or in a drysuit pocket) but WWL1 is too bulky.
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