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  1. I made this from the day one and I still do not receive email. I do this work for a living, but as usual you don't like to be challenged and react in an unhinged way. No problem.
  2. No you can't or just partially because the cable length and bulkhead position are chosen with that design in mind
  3. After one month still not getting notification from the forum because I have a Google account. Don't you suspect that the problem is you and not Google?
  4. i totally agree with you: GH6 Nauticam housing is a total nonsense. It should have been a cinema camera housing since GH5. I really don't understand who decide and design new products. One image says all on housing manufacturers design. Who is the filmmaker who use a monitor underwater in this way? And this is how they thought about their product. A Babel Tower! The harsh reality is that we are victims of photographers and WP is proof of that.
  5. Thanks Bill, I saw Locline type arms directly attached to the Nauticam handles. It should be a custom solution.
  6. Davide DB


    If I pinch to zoom out a WetPixel thread page on my device this is a sample banner I get:
  7. I don't know the WetPixel configuration but in these cases it usually depends on the server used to send the emails. Only the most expensive plans provide a dedicated server for email but it is usually shared among multiple sites (go figure what they do) and you always end up blacklisted.
  8. Davide DB


    Hi Adam, Chrome on Android 11.
  9. Hi all, I don't have the housing with me and I need a quick info. What's the diameter of the hex screw on the Nauticam handle? M8, M10? See the attachment
  10. Tim, I'm not getting email anymore. I'm not getting PM notifications as well
  11. Davide DB


    After some testing, I'm sure it's the non-mobile-optimized banners that are screwing up the skin. The same happens with the options panel that opens via the hamburger in the upper right corner. If there are no ads, the panel opens correctly in the smartphone window. Unfortunately, if there is a banner occupying the space beyond the screen (Seacam in this case) then popups come out as well. I press again the hamburger on the top corner and I get this screen: It seems that nothing happen but then I scroll horizontally the screen and I discover the options panel alone on the right. This is the culprit
  12. Davide DB


    Reading about the email issue made me brave and point out something I have been wanting to say for a long time. Maybe it's silly but it's really tedious for me who don't use Tapatalk or other products to view the forum. I have known Invision for many years and it has always been the only forum platform that has a virtually perfect mobile layout that has never forced me to use Tapatalk. When I connect to the forum from my cell phone and the forum does not recognize cookies, it presents me with a mask asking if I want to use Tapatalk or continue in the browser. Unfortunately this ""modal popup"" is twice the horizontal size of the phone screen, plus it is semi-transparent and at the bottom of the page. Moral of the story, the first few times I didn't understand why I was seeing the forum home disabled, and then I discovered that I had to scroll down and scroll the page horizontally until I found the radio buttons well off the screen. It's harder said than seen. My guess is that the fault lies with the banner ads that keep the desktop size even on the mobile screen. So the popup takes the banner size but the buttons end up off-screen. Look at this banner. It looks all in the screen but if I scroll the page horizontally.... There is only him. With the forum asking if I want to use Tapatalk the same thing happens but more sneaky because the popup is transparent and the buttons are not in the screen.
  13. Yes, I imagine it. I managed an Invision instance years ago... I thought it was your choice to disable emails
  14. Yes, I can confirm that email notifications stopped working about a month ago
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