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  1. Exiftools confirms that I was always at 3200 ISO. I guess ISO value didn't change too much because the light was constant in each clip. Good quality for a so high ISO value.
  2. Thanks Massimo. For me it's useful. Do you know a program to see this metadata? Maybe mediainfo?
  3. Hi all, After many years I'm trying autoiso on most demanding dives with mixed results. One question: do you know where the camera stores the file ISO info? As you know you can see on the display the ISO value chosen by the camera while browsing clips on camera. Is this info stored in some metadata inside the files? Is it stored outside in some sidecar file? Is it possible to view clip ISO value once downloaded? Thank you in advance
  4. I see no replies here. I'll try to resurrect this thread witha new question. I'm doing some deep work with two cameras: my GH5 and my buddy with a A6300. Both of us with Keldan CRI95 lights. First results were a nightmare to CC in post. I have my GH5 set to Natural 0 -3 -3 0 0 while the A6300 i set to PP Off. Images on A6300 are really saturated and punchy with nearly no room for CC. Any suggestion of a Sony Picture profile more natural? I don't want to use SLog and spending hours with CC Am I missing some settings? Sony menu system is a nightmare Thank you in advance
  5. Nice video indeed. I really liked it. Maybe the color grading a little far reddish in several shots but nice. On scuba musical videos I would stay within the 3 minute limits. Daje!
  6. Hahahaha Never do three task at the same time....
  7. The Zeus faber or John Dory is certainly one of the most representative fish of the Mediterranean mesophotic zone. The John Dory has a high laterally compressed body: it's so thin it can hardly be seen from the front. The large eyes at the front of the head provide it with the binocular vision and depth perception it needs to catch prey. It hides among gorgonians and catches prey by stalking it, then extending its jaw forward in a tube-like structure to suck the fish in. I am always hypnotized by the ability of this fish to advance while remaining with the body motionless while moving only the anal and dorsal fins with an infinite vibration. These two specimens were filmed on Giannutri Island at a depth of 75 meters (250 ft.). In the central clip (00:48) there are 3 other mesophotic citizens: A basket star (Astrospartus mediterraneus) , a melon sea urchin (Echinus melo) and some colonies of red coral (Corallium rubrum). ------------------------------------------------------ Audio track: Antigravity 2 by Dan Skinner & Adam Skinner - via Audio Network Cover photo: Marco Bartolomucci
  8. I don't mean menu. I'm speaking about Aperture and ISO values that are nearly impossible to read on the monitor. Font size is way too small
  9. Ok I thought there was a way to have everything clear on the ext. Monitor. I use the monitor to avoid to lay down on the mud with my body when filming something on the bottom. Such a shame Panasonic didn't think to a font size menu among thousand settings... Thanks
  10. Hi Adam, 54 Wetpixel live episodes and no one on video gear and filming. Hence the wet pixel is a photo pixel not a video pixel It's a shame
  11. So I pulled the trigger on this monitor and housing. I'm pretty satisfied but I admit it's the first external monitor I have so not too much to compare. Last night I dreamed of a GH5 hidden settings where I can have giant digits on external monitor! Please tell me it wasn't just a dream... PS What's the ratio having a giant monitor and the having camera info much smaller than the camera display? SAD
  12. Guys, Regarding op question, shooting at 180 or 120 doesn't make any difference except being nominated for a Grammy award:) Please stick to these settings: 90% of Panasonic setting are the same since GH2. As I told you you are using completely wrong settings. Bye
  13. Turn boh off and color profile natural at least. P.S Find any thread on GH4 configuration and copy everything
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