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  1. IMHO whatever the price of the other lenses is, to me it seems high. Photographic market is increasingly a niche now and the profit margins of these companies have skyrocketed. It's just my opinion.
  2. Basically Action camera have fixed focus. The sensor is so tiny and the lens so wide that they work in hyperfocal. Everything is always in focus from 25 cm (5") to infinite.
  3. It's the same on Nauticam. With standard housing you have to be lucky. While it's rated at 100 meters some housings start to have button problems at 90 or sometimes at 120m everything is OK. With my previousGH2 GH3 GH4 Nauticam housings never had a problem up to 120 m. With current GH5 housing I was unlucky somehow. It stops working exactly at 102 meters.
  4. A while back I saw it in a store and it was over $200. Really too much, whatever features it may have
  5. And then people complain that Keldans are expensive
  6. Panasonic Leica DG Macro Elmarit 45mm F2.8 lens Nauticam 36145 focus gear for the above lens Nauticam 36135 Macro port for Panasonic Leica 45mm Everytthing is in mint condition as new. Macro port used 3 times for a single project. Gear is in Rome, Italy price 800 euro + shipping costs Full photo album here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/Kzu1gt2tiuHxGzU26
  7. Hahaha you need a gun permit for that The maximum power I used was this. When you open it like a cross and you light the scene from above you get a really nice effect
  8. Many years ago I had a pair of Fisheye FIX lights. Light quality and build construction was really good. I see that some lights are still sold by big uw photo & video stores. They are more focused on small lights for macro work. The company remain a little mistery to me. They have their lights but they sell Nauticam housings and other gear too.
  9. Actually they have the dome port only on the Luna model which is their historic light. All their newer lights have a flat port.
  10. I was referring to comparing cheaper lights with other.
  11. Problem is that probably the X-Light is not really 15K lumen and 96 CRI. So they are not comparable. Me too. As I wrote I had several of them. Thing is that after 8 years my Keldan is still there, the other are in the bin. Of course you will not find any test of cheaper lights. They are crap. Do you know how many Ali-Express lights I thrown away after two dives? I paid $50 USD for these lights. Following your reasoning I could buy 36 instead of a Keldan. As I wrote before it's only a matter of find a decent product with a reputable service. Definitely lacking in a product that is a fair compromise. I don't think the brands we mentioned really make the products they sell. There is a lack of serious artisans. Everyone is responsible for their own budget.
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