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  1. Wow, very interesting indeed.Nice work P.S Another twilight zone lover, I see
  2. Massimo, I'm speaking about a NLE you don't know and you reply me about sensors and processor and rolling shutter. I have countless DVD made from HD and 4K content and since Edius introduced Lanczros 3 scaling algorithm, results are quite different. Moreover I don't see why I should not believe a document from Grass Valley, a company completely dedicated to professional equipment. I'm done too
  3. Why don't you just say I didn't know it! it's much simpler. Isn't it?
  4. Nope. On Edius it works on video downsampling: https://www.ediusworld.com/old_pdfs/en/support/faq/EDIUS_ResamplingMethod.pdf https://www.videoproductions.com.au/html/edius-downscale.html
  5. John, no offense at all, but it's clear from what you write that you have little or no experience of underwater filming. As @Interceptor121 and @Lionfi2sare trying to tell you, it's not all gold that glitters. The data on the paper doesn't necessarily reflect real advantages in the field. Besides, I stopped giving too much importance to VIP reviews on the web years ago. Many people have a strong incentive to push one product over another. Read: biased opinions. Full frame is by no means the best format to shoot underwater. Even a RED (except the MONSTRO 8K) has a smaller sensor than the FF. On this forum you can find hundreds of posts explaining the pros and cons of having an FF camera. And no, photography is not video. In addition, all these hypothetical advantages will be put to the test by the operator's skills (read my signature). Since you're talking about costs (and selling a kidney), things are pretty simple: we all know that selling used equipment means losing a lot of money anyway so: #1 you're a professional. So you can spend a lot of money on the right tool for the job you just took. Surely with the revenue from your work you can easily make up the initial investment in a short/medium period of time. #2 you are an amateur like many of us here (me first). Then it's important to stay mainstream. Because when you'll sell your used equipment, just having something very common/appealing can make up part of the investment. I have a nice collection of camera housing on the shelf. It's clear that this camera is very niche. Only one manufacturer of niche underwater enclosures has claimed to make one. Do you think when you decide to sell it, it'll be easy? That's why they pointed out to you that there is the Panasonic S1/S1H that has the same sensor and an electronics that has a history behind it. And yet, I'm convinced that it would be very difficult to sell a used SH1 housing. Of course if you are a billionaire who has fallen in love with this camera, then the two options mentioned above do not apply. Bye It's not true. My Edius have Lanczos 3 downsampling method among the other and difference is quite noticeable
  6. Good video. Perfect time to sit on the couch and see or favorite documentaries. As I wrote on an old thread, I find US and EU storytelling completely different. Anyway I agree on your chart except you missed the Laurent Ballesta work. i.e.
  7. Who makes these floating spherical balls? I think you already saw the BTM tutorial video
  8. With @Lionfi2s suggestion I could use the floating arm like a stick
  9. I disabled by mistake English subtitles, it should be ok now.
  10. Right now, without monitor, my whole setup stay exactly as yours @thani I spent several hours finding the best balance. I gave up using two section arms. It's a classic photo setup that IMHO does not work well for video. With a single arm section I find that everything is better balanced. With a classic dome as mine the main problem is that the camera rotate with the dome up, so I added nearly 1 Kg on the dome collar via an ankle weight. For this reason I had to use those big floating arms. Now everything will change because I could not use the central arm. Maybe I could use two small floating arms. I'v seen somewhere of spherical shape or, trying @Lionfi2ssuggestion. Anyway it's a long way to go. Here in Italy no dives until June
  11. Hi all, Here I am with my latest effort. You have English and Spanish subtitles Bottom trawling is the most common and destructive fishing practices in the Mediterranean Sea. Bottom trawling represents a major threat to the seafloor ecosystem. Yet soft bottoms are not desolate stretches of sand but complex ecosystems, populated by organisms that are fundamental to the conservation of fish stocks. Giannutri island, part of the Tuscan Archipelago National Park, is a good example of intact marine environments. The fishing ban up to three miles has preserved intact deep habitats and the particular morphology of the island's seabed allows divers to reach the "twilight zone" (i.e. he bathymetric range between 50 and 120 meters.) in a rather simple way. Trimix, DPVs and rebreathers are perfect tools for observing still extremely intact deep environments with less invasiveness. These protected areas suggests how protection, if properly managed, can effectively maintain integrity in environments that host hundred or thousands years old organisms and provide us with natural laboratories where we can study what these environments would be like if they had not been damaged by human activities. On a technical perspective An alternative title of the video could be "History of Panasonic underwater". In the video there are shots taken over many years with my GH2, GH3, GH4 and GH5. So from a technical point of view I'm not at all satisfied with the quality of the footage which in some cases I consider to be very bad. I'm not a professional; I have witnessed some phenomena in a completely unexpected way, with the poor beloved GH2 at 100 meters in winter sea at 1250 ISO or at the end of a dive with flat light batteries. The important thing for me was to be able to communicate a message.. Bye
  12. Yes, of course. Actually I was thinking about plain monitors. Ok, good suggestion. In the end I went for the Hugyfot. Just the thought that I'll have to do the weighing all over again and especially the camera trim makes me cry. I had just found the perfect trim using a floating arm above the camera. Now there's no room for the ball holding the monitor. On the scooter it's only important to make the housing neutral, but if you shoot by hand, the trim is essential, otherwise you just need the tension on your wrists to make the flickering footage.
  13. At depths where I usually work, 500 nits should be enough. Actually the DiveSee costs like a Ninja V + Nauticam housing but I agree that is the most compact of the row.
  14. Two questions for ext. monitor use: Do you use clean HDMI so you check settings on camera display or you mirror the camera display? If you mirror camera display, the focus peaking monitor display get fooled by camera controls on the image?
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