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  1. All my latest video are shot with WWL-1B and I rarely use it wide open. It's slightly fisheye and it doesn't deform shapes too much. A quick example here where there are mostly divers which retains normal proportion
  2. I do not know him personally. I have seen his videos on FB through some mutual friends. You can try to contact him on FB and ask him for information. https://m.facebook.com/enrico.rabboni It is good to know that other manufacturers also make ports compatible with WWL-1. I hoped Aquatica would also make one but so far no news....
  3. It's strange that Isotta was not able to give you a WWL-1 port directly from the factory. As far I know there is at least another guy with a GH5 Isotta housing and a WWL-1 port produced directly from Isotta. He is Enrico Rabboni, who won several prizes at the last Madeira Underwater European Contest with this setup.
  4. Hi Phil, I'm asking because the Canon 15mm is not listed on the metabones specs. Another option would be the Sigma 15mm with its adapter...
  5. Hi all, I'm going crazy trying to figure out which adapter ring I should buy for this old lens. I read that the metabones Smart Adapter Mark V is good for lenses from 2009 onward. Any suggestions? Feedback on AF?
  6. The problem with Rock Boots is that they are very large so sometimes even a Scubapro jetfin doesn't fit in. A turtle fin could help.
  7. I think nobody maybe except Nauticam tried the 12-35 mm on a WACP. Too expensive for a test
  8. We all like to have new toys and hope for a linear advancement of technology over the years. Actually, it's hard to admit, after so many years, the GH5 (GH5S and MKII) are still the top for underwater video shooting in that price range and more. Despite the years, you will only have a clear improvement by changing to models that have RAW but, as you can easily verify, the economic investment is double if not triple. I am talking exclusively about video. Photography is a whole other story. Too often we mix the topics when talking about lenses and features. Currently for my video needs the only real impediment I find is regarding the lens to use with the WWL-1. While for other formats and brands there are choices, for MFT we are at a dead end with the 14-42 that is just a piece of plastic.
  9. My buddy has a GH5S and we film together every week. At low ISO (up to 1250) there's a small difference. Higher than that, GH5S is better but I would miss IBIS. I'm able to film nearly steady shots at 42mm (84mm). On a GH5S it's nearly impossible except you are half diver and half gimbal (like my buddy).
  10. Any difference between Canon 15 mm and Sigma 15 mm fisheye on a FF Sony A7RIV?
  11. GH5M2s are like unicorns. I had found a used one but the seller did not show up for the meeting and disappeared. If you eventually decide to sell it keep me in mind. IMHO the top camera for video right now is the C70. Secondly the R5C. they both have RAW light and Canon for underwater color is unbeatable. the problem is the total cost which makes them (for me) unaffordable.
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