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  1. I have both GH5 & GH5M2. I use GH5M2 only underwater with the old NA-GH5 housing, mainly with 14-42 + WWL1-B. It's perfect. I did not find any improvement for AF but I use it for video only in SAF+MF. I guess I'm the only one with zero shutter count. The main advantage is the 4K@50p 10 bit codec (4:2:0 actually). I know nothing about photography but what's wrong with the native 8mm fisheye and 4,33" dome? I sold it years ago but IIRC it focused on the dome.
  2. I remember having the same problem with the Panaleica 45 on a Pana camera. Infinite turns while on MF. The right way was having the camera in AF but with AF+MF enabled. So pressing the AF-Lock button I got a base focus and then eventually adjust it manually via the focus gear. PanaLeica 45 mm has a simpler design. Everything is done in camera.
  3. I own a pair of old Luna 8 CRI. Years ago I changed the led module with the latest from keldan and I recelled my four battery packs. The latest two packs were recelled by a company who assemble e-bike battery packs and occasionally they recel electrical appliances. Yes, video is a completely different story. BTW I don't see the point of using a 50 MP camera to have a 4K moving image that has 8 MP. It's a logical compromise only if you're doing stills and video. But even then ...
  4. I am not up to date with prices but I would also consider a kit with Canon R5C or if we are talking exclusively about video, Canon C70. I am definitely not a fan of FF for video, in fact I think it is absolutely counterproductive and I think the MFT format is the best compromise there is. But I have now given up. We are conditioned by an army of kids on youtube and here we are on an essentially photography forum which is not the same as video. So long live to full frame!
  5. Your wrote that after the freezing you didn't find photos on your card.
  6. Thanks, good info. Which specific polishing wheel did you use? This one? https://www.dremel.com/au/en/p/polishing-wheel-13-mm-2615000414
  7. Good to know. Lens gears are the most outrageously expensive piece of equipment. A disgrace. They should give them out like candy in hotel baskets, but... P.S After nearly two years and a couple hundred dives my DeepShot gear is rock solid!
  8. My 12-35mm is the perfect lens for narrative uw video. Even with Nauticam Acrilic 6" dome is the sharpest lens I have. IMHO sharper than WWL1 from 25 to 35mm. @35mm the details you get are simply stunning
  9. Inon strobes are one of the most common classified item. Good luck! P.S. Is strobeless a condition for the human soul?
  10. As title. Flat port for Panasonic leica 45mm macro. European seller preferred.
  11. Phone housing is usually very small and with the handles I think the whole thing is very heavy. Then the lights are also negative. Regardless of whether the locline holds the weight of the lights (they certainly do underwater) I would be concerned that the whole thing is almost neutral and more like perfectly balanced. Video is completely different from photography. In photography you have to stand still for 1/60th of a second while for video you have to stand still for 30 seconds and more. If the whole thing is not balanced you will be forced to exert tension on your wrists and this will inevitably be reflected in your footage. So carefully consider the balance of the whole thing. One light could be good for macro only.
  12. I asked help from home Eubranchus farrani http://www.seawater.no/fauna/mollusca/farrani.html
  13. I think you are right but I will confirm it tomorrow. In the meantime look at this gallery of Coryphella pedata. https://www.biologiamarina.org/flabellina-pedata/
  14. The Timelapse English Subtitles Available! In the second episode, technical divers set up timelapse equipment: through this technique, biologists hope to capture the release of gametes in open water. Substrates are also placed for the eventual settlement of black coral larvae.
  15. Why having a beast as A1 and not using it at its best? Having more color info you would get more room for heavy color grade. Probably in the blues gradient. Last but not the least, your files will be more future proof.
  16. This is the most accurate explanation I have in my bookmarks. IIRC was posted from Chris or Tim while ago. There are dome and flat port calculators. https://oceanity.com.au/articles/view/understanding-flat-port-and-dome-port-theory BTW I like this non scientific article: https://marinewildlife.co.uk/info/underwater-photography-dome-port-theory-practice/ Anyway with the correct keywords I think Google Scholar would be plenty of explanations
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