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  1. Hi EunJae, Could you give us some feedback on the whole new system? You came from Canon FF system and I love your film so I'm curious on your feelings on this completely different world Thanks
  2. Olympus 12-50mm. It's only one. BTW I suggest reading the thread linked above. There are a lot of good info
  3. It was written by the same guy who wrote 5DtoRGB I guess. Tomorrow I will find it. Bye
  4. It's the same old problem of forum search that skip search keys with three or less letters. We should suggest to panasonic to name the next camera with a longer name ☺
  5. From page 5 onward http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=52332&page=5 Byeeee
  6. He was Edward Lai with a fake beard and a GH4 housing
  7. Hi Pete, I suggest you to dig into these two threads: http://www.personal-view.com/talks/discussion/9542/gh4-4k-panasonic-video-camera-official-topic#Item_2052 http://www.personal-view.com/talks/discussion/10202/gh4-4k-panasonic-video-camera-user-reviews-and-opinions Just use the google search or, if you have an account just ask. It's the most complete source of good info on Panny GH camera out there.
  8. Little bit OT... The problem is that it's very difficult to sell. Yes I will not produce any better art with it. It's just my try to save some money for the future Furthermore I will keep for myself optics and ports that are compatible for the upgrade so it's difficult to sell just the housing without a port. I managed to get a 14-42mm port. http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=52988&hl=
  9. Internal is always 4:2:0 External 4:2:2 and you can get 1080p 4:4:4 from 4k 4:2:0 via a thirdly party free utility
  10. For sale: Nauticam NA-GH2P housing (100m) + 14-42mm port Panasonic Lumix GH2 camera 14-42mm lens Housing and camera in mint condition like new. Housing has been serviced by Nauticam few weeks ago. Both comes with original accessory and boxes. Price 1400€ + shipping costs housing only: 1000€ I put some photo but here there is a full hi-res gallery: http://imgur.com/a/BO5O9#0
  11. Wow Simon, is there an export option in Resolve or are you an amanuensis?
  12. Thank you all for your suggestion. Actually I saw that here in Italy on Ebay there are some deals: 40$ for a plate 500x500mm and 10mm thick. I have to check in Germany, usually they have good prices on mechanical related things... of course 4$ it's a steal What's the minimum thickness for this application? I guess 6mm or 8mm are enough...
  13. Not to sound like a fan boy but Edius it's probably the fastest NLE until you stay within it's native tools. As you drop in the timeline an external filter or plugin the game is over E.g. As I use a magica bullet look I'm forced to rendering at each edit or look change. I hope that with openCL support my card will suffice for basic editing and grading. Regarding the external grading monitor I think it's not a Resolve issue but a more general one. I have a simple Dell U2412M an IPS LED 1920x1200 16:10 monitor and most of the times my video looks completely different on other screens. Given that a new expensive monitor is not in my future right now I use to preview them on my tv and some monitor and eventually apply some correction prior of publication.
  14. Right now I have a Intel Core i7-2600K CPU @3.40GHz, 8,0GB RAM, Intel HD Graphics + ATI HD7850 on Win7 64bit. I'm able to edit my 140Mb AVCHD files straight into Edius without transcoding. I can add several filters and CC on several tracks and still be able to play in real time. Furthermore it's able to use Intel Quick Sync technology for H.264 hardware encoding so export process it's two/three times faster than normal sw encoding. It's hard to leave it But I guess I have to bite the bullet and give it a try.
  15. Hummm... it seem that I'm the only one... Plenty of uncharted waters for Blackmagic here
  16. Thank you Edmon you gave me a nice idea Only problem is finding a plate of delrin, I saw only tubes and it's very expensive. Maybe PVC works the same. Until now I used cheap chinese tripods I have a small project in spring water filming the surface form the bottom. I find them for 15€ and in spring water they last a lot but I like your design. Byeee
  17. Good news for my 22 months old baby! He is addicted to reef life of Andamans and Muchy Secrets, prologue. So finally a new hit! Good work
  18. As you know Blackmagic unveiled version 11 of their famous color correction software, DaVinci Resolve. CC apart, this new main release contains over 70 new editing features and is now a full-fledged editing solution. Previous version, Resolve 10 already had some basic NLE feature as well. Anyone has tried using it as NLE? Any Feedback? I'm an Edius lover and I should migrate to version 7 ( $$$) I saw that the free resolve lite has everything I should ever need and more but I'm a bit scare of its learning curve and speed on a normal computer.
  19. IMHO Matt Scott tutorials are some of the best out there as clarity and authority. He is a Edius guru and nearly all I learnt about Edius CC comes from his tutorials. They worth a look because most of that concepts are valid also for other NLE. Bye
  20. hi Edmond Could you post some photo of your diy plate with some detail?
  21. Hi Edmond thank you for your explanation. I have both lens and I'm fully satisfied with the focus ability on my GH2. I'll check this new dome. Is it possible to use other manual lens or Nauticam should design proper focus gear for them?
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