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  1. The lake of Posta Fibreno, is located by the village of Posta Fibreno, a small council of the Frosinone area in the Lazio Region. The lake is in a karstic terrain and rich in underwater springs. Waiting for clearer water in winter time I edited some test shots filmed this summer. In this period, warmer, slower moving waters increase the production of algae and allow it to accumulate in large blobs covering most of lake vegetation. Underwater shots are almost completely ruined by this mucilage, that constantly sticks to the port. In the opening shots I got the front lens writing caught on the port. I have to put some black tape on it. Shame on me! We will be back in water in January with a gin clear water. For now, just a taste of this wonderful place. Shot on a Panasonic GH2 + Lumix 8mm & 7-14mm loaded with Lee Powell’s Flow Motion 2.02 settings; Nauticam Housing. [vimeohd]51504827[/vimeohd]
  2. Hi MK2, I got a negative response from an Amphibico rep. in another thread: http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=48136entry318490 He confirms what Steve is saying. Of course, given the value of such housing, I will give a try in the spare time with some different camcorder an maybe a little of DIY. Working in full auto could be a solution but I need a camera tray adapter. Bye
  3. Thanks Eric, well made video indeed. It's important to pass the message but at the same time it's important doesn't leave it wide open to criticism with vague figures. Do you remember the climategate? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Climatic_Research_Unit_email_controversy Bye
  4. Hi Joe, could give me a hint on this? http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=47153#entry317553 Thank you in advance
  5. Hi Steve, personally even with my 11/10 diopters I would not be able to manual focus a shark into the blue. At least with a 3" screen. With my old consumer Sony HC07 housing I had MF or AF. Given that AF was continuosly hunting in the blue, for these shots I was locking the focus at about 3/4 meters hoping that DOF will be enough deep, to put simply an endless bet. Now, with my GH2, again the AF is easily fooled by the big blue So, two options: as above trying to mantain a pretty close aperture or (the method I use often) using the single AF which is very reliable on the subject via the AF-Lock button. Now the focus is locked and again I'm depending on the DOF. I haven't experience with a pro camcorderd and a large display (maybe with focus peaking)... Anyway MF or AF, I don't know the commercial appeal of a MF only camera/housing. What do you think? Bye
  6. Or the Samyang fisheye 7mm... but, again, how do you control the iris and the focus?
  7. In my comments and opinions I'm trying to stick with underwater use, I would not buy a manual focus camera for uw use. Ok manual focus is nice for macro work but for wide shots is a pita.
  8. Usually I do not care too much to rumors but this one if confirmed would be very interesting for us... http://www.43rumors....rt-coming-2013/ Shortly, BM is working on a new version of their M43 mount camera. The new one will have “active m43 mount” which means it supports electronic contacts for zoom, aperture and focus control. This could be the right step to have shortly an underwater housing. Last week, during a scuba show event I spoke with two different Italian housing manufacturers. Both confirmed to have received several requests for a BMCC housing but they soon discarded the idea because designing a dedicate port with aperture/focus control would be too hard and expensive from a commercial POV. So maybe this is a good news if confirmed. 2014 of course....
  9. I saw they sell the glass alone or the entire dome port. I showed that link to the Italian Nauticam dealer who sell also F.I.T.products. He was very surprised because he just received the new catalog and there was no mention of that glass domes. He will be in HK in Nauticam next week and he will ask them if we could expect an original Nauticam glass dome for m43. Bye
  10. Yep, I had the same impression. I posted that video in the BMCC thread few days ago. They say that pushed both camera in extreme shot conditions like against the sun... But it doesn't convince me. Never saw that garbage out of a 5DMKII & III
  11. Nice video indeed! Could you give us some info on the video setup used? Bye
  12. Hi guys, A friend of mine has the Amphibico FXZ1 & Z1 combo. He would like to replace the Z1 which is a great camcorder but quite old now. Is there a newer camcorder which fits inside this housing maintaining all the functions? Bye
  13. Really good explanation. So as usual there's no free meal Spin to on is probably the most primitive design. I've never seen it in a modern dive light. Furthermore I think is a pita turning on and off these lights if used on camera arms. I know, HDVdiver is a purist and he will not approve... but despite these flaws I would grab one if only I could find it here in Europe at 700 USD Regarding the parallel/series design is the most common problem on Halcyon and similar lights battery packs. Fortunately they are NImh and not Li ion. Edit Also my battery pack has a similar design. http://imgur.com/OAtxW They give you some silicone covers for transport: http://imgur.com/DC78n Bye
  14. Richard, I don't think that "holding the camera with one hand and the light with the other" is the way to go. Of course, in your video having a proper video light would have helped but not too much. It's not a matter of reinventing the wheel here. Of course you are free to experiment as you like but... In a cave or other nearly dark environments you need two powerfull video lights on your camera; one or more video lights on your dive buddies will improve or create nice light painting effects that can capture your audience attention. I do some cave dives and frankly speaking average cave videos are very boring. Cave divers probably will like them a lot but I think that a movie should have a more universal message/story/appeal. Great attention on editing and light use can greatly improve the audience experience. As I wrote on another thread, great examples of what I mean are the two Joe Hesket's secret fo the yucatan episodes and Andrew Pitkin's Phantom Cave videos (short version). The gold rule of 3 minute max length will always apply. in rare occasion or if you are Howard Hall, five minutes. From a video point of view, no rocket science there: steady shots, good composition and a bunch of lights (and money )
  15. Hi SP, thoughtful considerations. Could you explain in which way the layout of the original battery pack is dangerous? The original pack which type of elements and how many of them uses? For the moment my buddy has a double 55W HID video heads form Yellow Diving. Nice design and good quality/price ratio. The problem is that again you need a separate canister. So in a tech dive, a "model" will wear a primary light (with its canister) and another complete light. Otherwise for video camera arms you use two of them with one canister and Y E/O cord.
  16. Ok, please stop now. End of a dream. Write here again when you have a working one at 700$ And anyway for that price, 7000 lumen it's a steal... if it doesn't explode
  17. As usual... normally you would have 700$ = 700Euro at best. It's a shame because reading all the comments I was pulling the trigger on one in USA... It's very cheap and it would be wonderful for my buddy/model: next month we have a couple of dives on a 85m/285ft deep nearly intact wreck....
  18. Bitrate alone doesn't mean nothing
  19. Hi Nick, Yes 25p/30p Pal/Ntsc have 72Mb ALL-I. Several sources said that it's a world camera but I think we will have a NTSC and PAL version. Nobody knows even Panny at the moment. The most requested features were HDMI 4:2:2, Zebra and Peaking. Till now it seems that Panny failed to deliver the most requested features. While pro and consumer divisions are completely separate, probably they feared to cannibalize other products. Actually in these two years after the launch of the GH2 a lot of things are changed. IMHO they should have pushed a little more on features. Anyway given the superficiality of Panasonic at Photokina we have to wait for the end of november to understand exactly what is shipped. I saw a GH3 video from EOSHD but as usual, this guy cares only to show his ego. He posted a edited video shot at photokina,. He converted and heavily graded it so we haven't further info on the real quality. Just one thing: everybody noticed the heavy moire effect on the guiy shirt at the end. http://www.eoshd.com...-sample-footage Yesterday I read a comment on which I 100% agree (Except the released 1.0 firmware will change a lot of things respect the showed 0.4 fw at photokina)
  20. Thanks r4e, Yes I had the housing on top of a Suex ADV14. For the fisheye position it is sufficient to move the scooter mount forward until you do not see anymore the nose from the display. If the setup is neutrally buoyant it doesn't affect driveabilty too much. I mounted the plate aligned with the scooter handle so I can film while scootering. I haven't tilt problem. I use the tiny "yellow diving" mount which is perfect for a small m43 system (maybe too small for larger systems)
  21. I came across this comparison between 5DMK3 and BMC. They are compared for "dynamic range, sharpness, pushing levels, banding, artifacts, rolling shutter, chromakeying, wide/telephoto lengths, DOF (depth of field), low light, macro blocking, contrast, and more" From what I understand they tried to shot in challenging conditions trying to see the camera limits. Maybe I missed something because the clips from the 5dMKIII are the ugliest I've seen so far. Really strange. I suggest to see fullscreen and reading the video desciption. [vimeo]49875510[/vimeo]
  22. Or "check my filter" PS Funny article from: http://www.lensrentals.com/blog/2011/06/good-times-with-bad-filters I'll stop hijacking this thread
  23. We could launch a new contest "Guess my lens"
  24. So we know nearly everything now about this camera. I wrote nearly because Panasonic faced the photokina show as a bunch of beginners: two GH3 with a 0.4 firmware, no tech reps. but just marketing people. This resulted in various contradictions among different interviews and specs. sheets. Several no comment or maybe or I don't know on several questions. Is it a Panasonic sensor? So it is not a Sony sensor? No comment To me it just means that it is Sony sensor. Same error Nikon made. At first you are happy that you can save money but suddenly you realize that you no longer have people, skills and facilities. Right now it seems that the HDMI ouput is clean but is 4:2:0. Maybe this is not of concern for uw filming at the moment I think we will have to wait for a real GH3 on the shelf to understand what is under the cover for sure. At P-V organized a donation to send some guys to attend at the presentation and interview a Panasonic manager. They went there with a pre arranged set of questions. This is the resulting interview: Or you can find all the Q&A written here: http://www.personal-...erage/interview There is also an interview by EOSHD with a Panasonic Senior Planner Engineer Yoshiyuki Inoue: http://www.eoshd.com...e-panasonic-gh3
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