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  1. Just keep them or eventually upgrade to the 4000s.
  2. Hi Piotr, Even if the word "exploration" is somewhat "abused" this seems to be genunine exporation indeed How will the movie be distribuited? Bye
  3. Hi I haven't a photo of the 7-14 cover. But it's just a heavy plastic dish... If I recall it correctly the diameter should be 160 mm. People at the kitchenware store were looking at me suspiciously when they saw me hanging around the shelves with a self-retracting tape measure About the stickers, there was a misundestanding, I tried to crack a joke but English it's not my mother tongue For stickers I meant decals. The first time I brought my housing with the custom cover, people told me "hey, have you a coffee can on you dome?" After that I applied a couple of Nauticam and Scubapro decals on it hiding its origin Regarding 8mm vs 7-14mm... They are two completely different lens. The 8mm it's really extreme. it's very difficult or nearly impossible to cover the entire FOV with your lights. (I have a couple of FIX 3500) and I strive to perfectly light all the scene. Moreover it's difficult to judge from the tiny display. I gave away two SOLA 2000 for this reason. The aperture is much less than the FIX. Probably this lens fits better for photography or video shots in ambient light. I used this lens for my video on the DESPREZ wreck and I failed to correctly position my lights on most of the shots. The 7-14mm is really a lovely lens. 110° at 7mm are perfect for nearly all wide scenes and at 14mm you can shot some detail or some fish. I wish it was f2.8
  4. I throw away its neoprene cover because I realized that it's the first cause of scratching. it was relatively easy finding a custom cover for the fisheye 8mm small dome and very tricky for the 7-14 big dome. You have to patrol all the kitchenware stores for plastic cans with the correct shape and dimension. I found a plastic coffee can which fits perfectly on my 8mm and a sort of thermal dish for the 7-14 dome. Just apply some stickers and you will be like a pro Bye
  5. I have the same setup as you plus 8mm fisheye and dome and Fix Aquavolt 3500. I do not use FN. Fully manual, FM 2.02 Hack in 24p Cinema Mode. On extremely detailed and well lit subjects there is some difference between HBR and 24p Cinema mode. I prefer the 24p cinema mode but maybe I'm just a pixel peeper Do not use AFC but exclusively AFS. I use a lot the AF Lock toggle. I found that center weighted AF (the one with the [*] symbol) is absolutely better that multi point AF. I ruined several shots with that. Expecially with the 8mm fisheye with a very narrow aperture (> f8) the lens can focus dust or shadows on the dome. So IMHO the way to go is: - Center weighted AF; - Narrow aperture >= f8 trying to be hyperfocal; - Prior of the shot you focus and lock with the AF lock button; - you start recording; If light it's not enough to get a correct exposure, bite the bullet and increase ISO I got decent shots (for my taste) up to 1600. Actually noise perception is a personal taste. Last but not the least, remember that GH2 has something like a bug on ISO settings. An ISO setting of 320, 640, or 1250 may result in increased noise depending on the camera's previous setting. To avoid this, switch the camera to the ISO setting 1/3 stop higher, and then back down. (i.e., 400 to 320, or 800 to 640, or 1600 to 1250). If you turn the camera off while in ISO 320, 640, or 1250, you must repeat the ISO switching after turning the camera back on to avoid higher noise. Set the film mode to Standard with -1, -2, -2, -2. Adjust contrast and saturation as necessary. Have fun
  6. For me is 100% replicable. tested on IE, FF and Chrome with Gmail as client. Close your browser. Open your browser. Open gmail Open youe WP notification mail and click on link: 404. Click again on link et voilà it works. It happens whne you start your browser and you access for the first time to wetpixel via notification email. If you already visited WP and the browser is still opened, it works. Hope it helps
  7. Hi Adam, I remember also other users were having this problem. This nasty bug happens only the first time you access to the forum. It seems to be corrected by the first session cookie set by the server. Bye
  8. So there's no way to get support from Invision to solve the bug on 404 from notification email? Still all the emoticons don't work too...
  9. Not all of them run tapa talk ;-) I whish forum owner solve all the problems after migration
  10. Hummm hackers action here....
  11. You did not hear my slang :-) Anyway I will ask help here for an incoming project Bye
  12. Thanks Simon your comments are very appreciated. I read a lot of comments on this lens not being sharp on other forums. Actually I find it is. In some shot the border are a little soft/out of focus but it was my fault relying too much on hyperfocal distance. In most of the shot I was already on 1600 ISO so I opened too much the iris (f5.6). A narration voice means step up to another level with a more precise storyboard and at the moment I haven't the knowledge for such project. Regarding narration voice... Here in Italy I know of at least two professional narrators who give their free contribute for no profit videos. I have to verify other constraints with a friend of mine who worked with them. Is it possible to find a similar agreements with American/British professional narrators? Eventually what could be the price for a video like mine on Vimeo? (I should open a proper thread for this...) Two Fix Aquavolt 3500 on camera while my two divers/models were using a 50W Video HID each. Byeeeee
  13. It's a mistey to me why Italian underwater photo/videographers are unable to exchange views on internet. Maybe a language barrier or they are mostly digital immigrant or... I don't know BTW I came across this video showing Roberto Rinaldi using the beast underwater. Video is 720p but I don't how to link the hd version. [youtubehd]Du_eQ2PWwrE?hd=1[/youtubehd]
  14. Pull the trigger in USA On GH2 EX Tele works in all video mode but GH2 doesn't have 1080/50/60p. The 30 min limits is diabolic and usually it's the first thing to be removed with a hack. I was reading that there are a lot of 24/25p and 30 min limits combinations: http://personal-view.com/talks/discussion/comment/99244#Comment_99244 Australia should be a PAL land but without 30 min limit that is a EU tax
  15. Hi Nick, At the moment it seems that it's not a global camera. Panny it's making its' best efforts to ruin this product as usual. I do not like too much EOSHD opinions. I mean, he is a knowledgeable guys but too much fan boy for my taste Anyway, great tests on PV, besides of the many videos, here a resume: here that thread: http://www.personal-...and-opinions/p1
  16. Finally first batch of camera was available in Europe and a couple of them came in the hando of Nick Driftwood, the author of some of the best patch/settings so far (even if i use a Lee Powell settings ) He posted a couple of video on Vimeo shoving some features. It's nice because he's a guy who knows very well the GH2 and he already analyzed files generated by GH3 [vimeohd]54265503[/vimeohd] [vimeohd]54362801[/vimeohd] It's worth noting that out there it's full of fake gh3 video.
  17. Hi Simon, I'm really sorry for you. I hope you will solve it asap. PS Given that you are a proud FS100 owner just keep an eye on this website: http://nex-hack.info/talks/discussion/55/fs100-firmware-decrypted Some of them are the same guys who works on GH1/GH2. http://nex-hack.info/talks/discussion/48/firmware-unpacker FS100 2.0 firmware can be already decrypted and partially extracted. Maybe in a short future they will be able to solve some problem. Good luck
  18. Yes, Edius on W7. Ill' give it a try. BTW all denoiser programs requires the user being a nuclear engineer Bye
  19. Hi SPP thank you for your comments. I shot it in a weekend in two dives. We had a roughly knowledge of this wreck so we planned most of the shot in advance. Unfortunately, on the first dive we trashed a lot of shots because my teammates were used to my 8mm fisheye and they did not pay too much attention to their positions in the frame. I encoded it for Vimeo in VBR, 20 Mbps average and 35 Mbps max. At least this is what I set in Edius Some of the original shots arrives at 120Mbps (e.g. the restroom scene and part of the gun). As I saw in your test, its' difficult to predict color banding. On shot like that I think here come into play a limited dinamic range accentuated by being overexposed. I have to stay in deco for nearly two hours so I usually shot some clip for fun that can be useful for end titles Just to say that I'm less careful to the quality. I apply some YUV curve in post. I saved a couple of presets. I'm realizing that I exaggerated with YUV blowing the white tanks. Never tried AE on a real dive. Here is full of pro I strictly follow their advices I had several times here. I just tried AE for test but I end up trashing the best shots: on some panning you find a difference of two or three stop and aperture click is very noticeable. This is the downside of current DSRL. Anyway I have a lot of fun shooting full manual thank you really
  20. Despite of the fact that Sony removed a unofficial feature what scares me is that housing manufacturers sold expensive and allegedly professional tools relying on unsupported features. This fact is more serious because it seems that housing manufacturers knew of this problem.
  21. Given that this combo is aimed at professional users, it's a severe omission.
  22. Thanks Nick, I'm trying to improve each new video. Yes, that is the only short part with banding. On the original footage is nearly undetectable. That shot was a bit over exposed, shallow (9m) and against the sun. As I wrote, perfect conditions for GH2 banding. On the contrary, from 4:22 to 4:33 (again I forgot to cover lens writings ) it's clear despite of the fact that I shot the blue against the sun. That shoot was deep and slightly underexposed. Anyway as you wrote it's the achille heel of this camera. I saw the latest news/videos on GH3 and it's really promising. I was all the dive wide open at 7mm except the rudder wheel close-up at 14mm. On that pan I end up at 30cm from the gun. It was very dark, I did not want to open more than f5.6 so I bit the bullet and in some shot I raised ISO to 1600, sigh At the moment I haven't the budget for NeatVideo plugin. A guy on PV posted precooked NeatVideo noise patterns for GH2 for all ISO levels. I made some test with the trial version but I was not very satisfied with the results. Bye
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