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  1. The limitation to a maximum of 29 minutes on many cameras have customs-technical reasons: The EU classifies devices with recording time over 30 minutes as video cameras so the 4.9% import tariff has to be charged. Cameras with a shorter recording time are instead mainly as still cameras are duty free. With the limitation to less than 30 minutes, the Manufacturer can offer their cameras in the EU, therefore a little cheaper. In fact on my Panny GH2 the 30' limit is only on the PAL version, not on the NTSC version (of course with the VK hack this limit is removed). This limit is very common in EU countries. For the same stupid reason only the top level camera has the FW-in enabled. Hving this they are classified as recording device and an extra tax is applied. On the Panny GH2 the HDMI output is 1080i and it was (still it is) a topic of huge debate. Right now can be used only for an external monitor. Bye
  2. What's the size of your locline arms with the 4000? Bye
  3. A friend of mine told me that they start to loosen a bit after some dives. The longer they are the higher is the force on the first ball/socket that become loose with the time. So, locline or "classic arms" what's the best lenght for wide angle shots? Bye
  4. In a cave dive with low viz I had the same problem: a lot of backscatter was clearly visible from the two sides. Did you solve with 18 inch lenght? From the Sola 4000 thread I learnt that Loc Line arms creak But is it true that they becomes loose after some time? (Sometime I use the camera on a scooter) Bye
  5. Hi all, I ordered a couple of SOLA 2000 lights; in the meantime I need two new arms for my setup. What's the best/preferred lenght for wa video shooting? What do you prefer, rigid arms or locline type? Pro & cons for video? Is there some other thing I have to take in account for my choice? Thank you in advance Davide
  6. Speaking about HDR and post processing I guess you already know this video and the others from this vimeo user. It was very famous last year but he never disclosed his exact workflow: [vimeohd]18038671[/vimeohd] Bye
  7. Philip Bloom posted a mini review and a short film on the C300: http://philipbloom.net/2011/12/24/c300review/
  8. It's a nice tool to have but actually there are some big issues with fast movement. In the video you posted there are problems when people were in motion. Looked like ghosting to me. So it could be useful for nearly static shots. Bye
  9. Hi Tim, Didi you tested the aqua 5000? Have you something to show? Nobody have the Sola 2000? I've seen them at the shop here in Italy...
  10. IMHO the best option now is the Light & Motion Sola 1200. You can find them at about 650$ each. They are small, lightweight, self contained with a good beam without hot spots. Given the light is never enough, right now there is a new product: Sola 2000 (2000 Lumen): Virtually 800 lumen more than Sola 1200 with the same housing. Here in Italy they were just distributed and they are a little bit expensive (815 euro versus the 650 euro of the Sola 1200). Bye
  11. Hi Alex, your wrecks gallery is awesome. Congratulations! Bye
  12. It's plenty out there, just google a bit. Anyway Vimeo launched few weeks ago an internal service with hassle free music for our video (of course it depends on you needs). The vimeo service is nice: you can browse for categories and licence type and listen every piece before eventually download. Give it a try: http://vimeo.com/musicstore Bye
  13. Hi Kris, There are only two housings available for the GH2: 10Bar Diveross Nauticam The latter, probably is the best: full alu body and depth rated to 100m. The Nauticam uses just Lumix lenses with different port. I emailed Nauticam and it's not possible at the moment to use mechanical lenses as the samyang or other cheap ones. Each port is specifically designed for a given lens. Maybe they are able to build some custom gear and port on request. There is also the seatool housing but except the sheet on their web site I never saw a working housing or a shot online. Bye
  14. It's a shame that the proposed new category will not be taken in account. I believe that a clear category for the mirrorless camera would help to find relevant contents in the forum.
  15. I saw but it's wrong. nex, gf, g, gh, epl, are all mirrorless camera with the gh1-gh2 more similar to a real DSLR having the (electronic) viewfinder I completely agree
  16. Where we should post topics on mirrorless camera? And a Panny GH2 is it a consumer or a DSRL?
  17. here it is, an entire channel on GH2 and Nauticam Housing: http://www.youtube.com/user/zyzzyvas Full demo reel and several video for each lens! Seen directly in youtube is better, of course The Leica 45mm is a nice lens to have.
  18. Too expensive, I'll go for the 8mm Thanks
  19. Thank you for your reply. Actually, on the net there are really few examples (less than five ) of panasonic m43 video. Here on wetpixel thare are several users who gets very nice photos with GF1 and GH2. The system is new and beside 10Bar only Nauticam placed a bet on panny camera with really nice and professional housings. So for fisheye video shots my only reference are those shots with the combo 7D + 10-17mm. I don't know if the distortion is comparable. Bye
  20. Yuhhhh Huuuuuu!!! Is there anybody out there?
  21. Hi all, I'm asking a quote for a housing for my Panasonic GH2. Given that I have no wa lens which is better to start for video works? On m43 (crop factor 2x) there are: 7-14mm f/4 rectilinear wa lens (very expensive) 8mm f/3.5 fisheye lens Then there are Zuiko, samyang and other things but basically which lens to choose? I will shot mainly deep wrecks. There is also the new 14mm f2.5 but it has a 75° aperture only (actually a 28mm) Pros and cons? Thank you in advance
  22. Thank you Given that we are speaking of video I opened another thread in the relevant section: http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=42381 Given the cross nature of the DSRL I think we will see many off-topic in the future :-) Bye
  23. Hi all, With the new VidDSRL being capable of photo and video I'm seeing some cross-topic here and there http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=40233 The last posts are all about the new Nauticam housing and some ranting that there is no uw footage available for this camera (it's the same also for the GH1/GH13). I hope that things will change with this new housing. User kkfox used a mix of TM700 and GH2 for his video. http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showt...40233&st=60 In the meantime a new hack has been created and it's under testing. There are the first shots: http://www.personal-view.com/talks/discuss...-3.61d-topic/p3 1080p and 720p at 42mbit Bye
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