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  1. Just an update for Nauticam users. I received my GH2 housing with the new flexitray which has two extra threaded holes foro tripod mount. Wonderful
  2. Got it. My Edius project was true 24p while the camera (as 99% of them) is 23.98p Later I'll try with a new project with the correct settings to confirm that ghosting is gone. Bye
  3. Lumix 20mm F1.7 is really a great lens, maybe underwater it's useful only for large critters. This is a frame grabbed from a shot with the INTRA codec, nearly wide open (F2) at iso 800. The focus is very narrow but it's more like a photo than a video frame. Yes, I'll try with the Stix buoyancy system. You were right. It seems that Edius is adding the ghosting somewhere. I checked the project properties and everything seems ok. This is a crop from the original MTS file, no ghosting: This is a crop form the Edius rec window. I see the same ghosting also on the play window and it's there on the exported mp4 file and of course on Vimeo too.
  4. Hi Nick, thank you for your feedback. This was shot on Sunday. On Saturday I made a quick shore dive without the camera till 15 meters and another one with the camera calculating the weight. Then I made a tech dive without the camera. On Sunday I bite the bullet Yeap, double the price of the 8mm. I know a guy with the same setup except the lens which is a lumix 14mm (28mm). He returned from a trip at the Solomon. I'm curious to see his footage. I would have gone with locline or similar but I made some test in murky water and I got a lot of backscatter so I would like longer arms. Maybe it was the first time using clamps and ball joints, maybe it was for having different ball size and type but really was a PITA. Is it me? On my previous housing I had two locline and they worked like a charm. With locline or similar would impossible adding some extra buoyancy and the housing it's so small that there is no space for adding some thalagal... I really I don't know. I shot in 24p. I should try the NTSC High Bitrate Mode 30fps progressive stored as interlaced. (Progressive Segmented Frames). I just copied the clips in Edius, added cross fade between them and exported in mp4 without color correction. I have to do some serious test dive in shallow water Really thank you. best
  5. Friday I got the Nautigam housing so I had the chance to bring it with me underwater. Unfortunately I had already organized a couple of deep dives with my friends so it wasn't the best circumstance to test a brand new equipment: too many things to pay attention to: buddy, gases, scooter, depth... but I did not resist bringing the new housing and lights with me. The Nauticam dealer was so kind to lend me two h20-tools carbon fiber arms (two segments each) to test the buoyancy of the whole setup. I will mount the camera on the scooter so I'm trying to have it neutral. Unfortunately these arms have the ball joint slighty smaller that the joint on the Sola and the Nauticam handle. Moreover the arm ball joint hasn't the o-ring while the Nauticam and Sola lights have it. The result was I fought all the dive trying to get the proper light orientation (2x L&M SOLA 2000). The lumix 8mm fisheye has a huge angle so the lights must be moved back to fill the scene. Was nearly impossibile with this combination of handle - arm - light - clamps. Anyway, due to the overhead dive I filmed just for five minutes getting some sickening shots. The housing is gorgeous. commands are perfect at depth. I need just practicing with the full manual controls and proper lighting filming in shallow water without the hassle of technical gear. I loaded the GH2 with the latest Driftwood SEDNA A settings, (150 Mbs INTRA), 24p, 1/50, mostly ISO 500, Lumix 8mm wide open F3.5 (it's quite soft at the borders). All the shots taken between 60 and 75meter (195 - 246 feet). At F4.5 the lens seems quite sharp at the borders. Unique problem for now is the weight: housing, tray, handle, arms and lights are about 700gr negative. [vimeohd]39181036[/vimeohd]
  6. Ok, I will see how it will gets. In the meantime I received a brand new light as replacement for the broken one. Bye
  7. I have a Dell U2412M too. 24" 16:10 (1920x1200) IPS Panel. At the moment it's the best compromise between wallet and quality Best
  8. Hi Pete, don't misunderstand me, I'm just saying that if a brand new battery just last exactly 50 minutes, that is the target burn time, within a short use period it will last less. I use a lot of dive lights and scooters for cave diving so burn time it's a must. This is one of the few times I see a battery durinng exactly the time the producer declare. At the same time it's strange seeing another light lasting 70 minutes. Probably in a few dozen dives it will last 45 or 40 minutes. That's it. For the other light no excuse
  9. Hi, I already hijacked the Sola 4000 thread asking informations on these tinyer version so I prefer to start a new one. I received a couple of them a week ago. Given that my housing is still on the way I thought to use them as hand held lights on a cave dive. Before the dive I charged and I made a first burn test. I immediately noticed a huge battery life difference between the two lights. So I completely discharged (at half power) and recharged them four times. So Now I should get real data on battery life. One light lasts exactly 50 minutes (exactly the declared battery life) the other one lasts nearly 70 minutes! While I'm happy with the last one I'm disappointed on the first one: If a brand new battery last exactly 50 minutes I guess that with use, the battery life will shortly decrease under the declared life... In short I cannot return the light because it falls just within the specs! While I was recharging the good one I suddendly noticed a strange rumor from the inside. Gently shaking the light I could hear a sound indicating that there is something broken free to move inside, something like a "maracas. Obviously the light never took hits or felt on the floor neither went in water because I tested them only in my kitchen sink. Moreover it's like this object get jammed somewhere inside the light so the sound it's not happening all the times... I returned the light at the shop. they opened the light discovering that there is an ultra small electronic component hanging around which detached itself from the small electronic board inside. It's clear that this component should have been soldered and it's very unlike that a hit could have caused the detachment. So they sent back the light to the Italian importer and give me back a brand new light. Nothing could be made for the other light. I still have to express a judgement on this product except that a better checking and test process before leaving the factory would be advisable. They proudly write on the light case "assembled in USA". Maybe at Foxconn they do a better job? Bye
  10. Nick, Currently no other DSRL shoots like the GH2. No matter what people says, 7D o 5DMKII can't compete with overall quality. But... It's always a ever changing world. So in the next few days or weeks we will have the next big thing form Canon. Then you will have to wait for some other months to get a housing. So Panasonic will came out with a GH3; Nkon with a new model and... the music keeps playing.... As in the IT market, your best deal is always the forthcoming model Nikon and Canon will always have the advantage of their countless pro users which are tied to them with thousand of dollars of lens and gear (aka lock-in). These pro orient the market with their video and photos. On the photo forum here I see a growing number of people moving to smaller camera/setup. Size matters! For travelling purposes; because you are an occasional shooter or just because you don't want a camera setup bigger than you tank underwater Take a look on this nice article of a Sky New reporter: http://bit.ly/vIKzDs As a side note, It's important to see how things are changing in the image market: customers are oriented by the job of other users with their aftermarket modifications. While on the IT market is quite common, it is really a big news here. In this moment it's still something that the big company does not understand. Panasonic reacted encripting its GH1 and GH2 firmware. Maybe we will have a chance to see a big company riding this trend instead of opposing to it. And this could be the winning move: a nice device with good basic feature that is easily hackable and modifiable by users could beat the competitors.
  11. Yes, here you can read a nice wrap-up on the GH2 Hacking: http://www.personal-view.com./talks/discus...7#Comment_37877 Nauticam has several ports on their M43 line and unfortunately their ports are made for the official lens: http://www.nauticam.com.au/products/housin...ctor/index.html I chose the Lumix 8mm fisheye (m43 crop factor is X2 so I'll have a 16mm). Reviews says it's a good lens. I would have chosen the Lumix 7-14mm zoom but it's out of my budget (it costs two times the 8mm). Moreover while it's not a fast lens (F4) is quite soft wide open. Would be nice trying the new fast M43 Olympus 12mm F2 (so 24mm). I should ask to Nauticam if one of their ports is compatible. http://www.lenstip.com/310.1-Lens_review-O...troduction.html I do mostly tech dives so it's important to me having a compact setup. I hope the GH2 will bear with low light depth. I'll give a try with the mjpeg settings. Bye
  12. Yes, they tweaked the AVCHD codec to produce only I-Frame GOP1 stream that works like a MJPEG giving incredible images. Give a look here some frame grab: http://www.personal-view.com/talks/discuss...m-x-settings/p1
  13. I found it on YT the grading is a sort of the Classic "bleach bypass". It's second only to' the "transformer" or blockbuster look the thread is ok but please resize the embedded video. PS any chance having a mobile layout here byeeeeee
  14. I agree And I'm tired to see the same color grading again and again and again. The same soup warmed up! Navy Seals should find and catch the director of photography of Transformers!!! If I was Obama I would ban AE and MB form the Earth [PEDANT MOD MODE ON] OT OT OT Would be nice moving this thread on Editing, Post Production, and Sharing and maybe formatting the embedded video so users could see also on a normal screen? [PEDANT MOD MODE OFF]
  15. Yes but it depends on the camera. Mirrorless are nearly half of the size of a 7d so I guess would be a matter of nanotech building a "piano keys" like the 7D. I tried a couple of times a Nauticam housing for Oly EPL and controls were very accurate also at 70 meters. I hope so also on the GH2 Housing Yep, I'm using one of the latest Driftwood Quantum at 100Mbps and it rocks. The latest fashion is having INTRA settings. All the most beautiful patches/settings have GOP1 all INTRA. Last week also the new Panasonic 1.1 firmware update was reverse engineered. It brings several improvements like faster AF and 25p and 30p. As I have some spare time I would like to test the new LPowell Flow-Motion 1.1 patch/settings. While it's not INTRA, It's aimed having a smoother rendering of movements like moving objects and pannings. Here some characteristics: Here the discussion: http://www.personal-view.com/talks/discuss...-25p-support/p1 Sorry for the OT. Bye
  16. Nearly zero respect to Canon models and very small setup. I cannot show you uw footage of my GH2 because my Nauticam Housing is in backorder in HK Bye PS I should add a little disclaimer for my nickname
  17. Just got this wonderful news from Nauticam in another forum http://www.scubaboard.com/forums/panasonic...tml#post6221335 Bye
  18. I'll see how proceed once I receive the whole package. Thanks
  19. I'm desperate I need to mount the housing and lights on a scooter!!! I saw tht the bigger Nauticam housing have the handles attached at the side so the bottom tripod screw is free...
  20. Hi all, I have my NA-GH2 on the way. I ordered the tray and two handles but I need to put the housing on a tripod. Is there a central screw on the housing or a different way to put the housing on a tripod mount? Thank you in advance
  21. Uahhhh they are huge! Bugger than expected! Thanksss
  22. I did not want unleash all this "At my signal, unleash hell" [cit. Gladiator]
  23. You wrote: Similar statement in another thread. If I want warn someone against a product I would say: "they promise X you get Y" with real data. Yes, you talk about burn times but still I have to see a number! So what's the problem of these lights? Bye
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