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  1. IMHO The best and the most equilibrate comment on the Zacuto shootout come from Philip Bloom: And Full post here: http://philipbloom.net/2012/06/14/rgcs/
  2. I do not know their price in dollar. Here in Italy they will be sold at about 1300 euro which should be about $1100. I'm waiting for a price confirmation. Bye
  3. I got a reply form Fisheye Japan. They say given that the light is not dome shaped (like some Luna light) the beam angle it's not going to change underwater. Hummm... I should refresh my physic knowledge Could it be true? Best
  4. I came across this wonderful video and I like to share it Great cinematography! [vimeohd]43195469[/vimeohd]
  5. Is the video shot HBR? 25p or 30p? The shark sequence is breathtaking Going back to Edius export for Vimeo... I'd like to share the best setting I found so far: H.264 export Step one: the correct plugin is under H.264/AVC and NOT Quick Time exporter as many suggest. Here you can resize you video to 720p. Then press export to go to the second dialog... Step two: For 720p use 5MBps; for 1080p 10MBps. Quality superfine. CBR. High profile should be set by default. In one of these two dialog, if you are on a Sandy Bridge pc and QS is active, you should find a checkbox already selected "enable hw conversion" which speed up the entire process a lot. I took this screenshots on my old laptop so this option is not there. VMW Export Just one dialog box. For 720p use 5MBps; for 1080p 10MBps. Quality setting at 100. You can safely resize your video directly through this dialog. I made several test and with these settings I found no visible difference between the vmw and mp4 video created (on my pc and Vimeo) Bye
  6. I don't know if the claimed angle is in air or water. In February I had the opportunity to test for a moment side by side a Sola 2000 and this light on a white wall. The Fix had a larger aperture. I'll try to see if I get this information. Bye
  7. I made the same mistake and I also pointed out on GV forum that the tutorial is completely wrong. Nearly nobody cared of. Strange land Grass Valley Now I export in mp4 with the correct parameters BTW The default Edius WMV codec rocks and you get razor sharp video on vimeo just uploading the wmv files created with default params for hd. Anyway, nice video indeed! Bye
  8. Hi Tim, I also saw a pre-production model in Rome last February. They rocks. They claims a 120° angle, something like the nice Mangrove VCL-46 with an improved burn time in a smaller and lighter body. Here other photos of the pre-production model: http://fisheyejapan.wordpress.com/2011/11/...ma-2011-vol-1/# Thanks, I live in Italy and I'm pressing the official italian distributor I hope to come bacj with a release date soon!
  9. Upcoming redesigned product: http://www.fisheye-jp.com/products/light/f...3500/index.html Translated page : http://bit.ly/KK4hT3 I'm trying to place a preorder if they will be available soon. I've seen a preproduction item in Rome and they are gorgeous.
  10. Looking forward to see some uw footage form the Eolie islands!
  11. Got it Maybe professionals, consider transcoding as part of their job. Me too at workplace I do several annoying tasks every day which unfortunately are part of my job so that's it! On the other hand all quality/time saving improvements to my workflow are welcome! Regarding video editing I am nothing more than a novice which enjoys editing his private week-end clips. When I arrive at home with my sd cards I want to be operative asap. Edius was one of the first (maybe the first) NLE supporting avchd realtime import and editing on the timeline; furthermore is fast and lightweight. My pc has a usb-3 port so to speed up the import process I bought a usb-3 card reader. Once I seat in front of my computer in less than five minutes I can start playing with my clips: It's priceless for my needs. The downside is the price $. So a Breath of fresh air from a OS NLE is welcome. I Gave a look at Lightworks in february. It has the numbers and really good chances to become a top NLE but for the moment (despite of being OS or not) is still a really young product. Maybe in a year or less could a viable alternative for an amateur editor like me. I hope it will be full documented at that time. Despite of the features implemented in a NLE I find very important the adoption rate and the user base of a product. Often a large community makes the difference: you find plenty of docs, tutorials, books, forum. This is my actual concern about Edius: except the GV forum and luckily a good Italian forum, you are pretty on your own. Grass Valley gave up to be mainstream. They aim to serve a professional user base as large tv channels and it's really a mistery how pros learn and exchange informations [polemic mode on] Regarding the evergreen debate on A Vs B on this forum I often find some replies a little bit misleading. Someone says: "this is a good device" and someone else replies "yes but this is better". Sadly later discovering that it cost twice or more. If I list all the beautiful features of my Smart I do not expect a reply like "nice car but there is a Mercedes SLK roadster which is undoubtedly better"... This way of argument resemble to me like the straw man argument/Aunt Sally In layman terms: there is always something better and comparing everything to the very best of it's category shrink an open forum like this to a flat best of the best ranking. Furthermore most of the times we forget that creativity and personal taste is the most valuable swiss knife in our bag, not a FS700 or Scarlet. [polemic mode off] Ciao ciao from Rome, approx 30°C here today
  12. If you bring with you your dive gear we could arrange a dive in Capri
  13. So you don't use Firefox or Chrome? Or you feel they are buggy or incomplete? The fact that a product is incomplete or buggy has nothing to do with open source. it's true the contrary: it happens that a lot of paid products are incomplete and buggy. Customers are threated as guinea pigs or, if you prefer, beta testers. By the way Wetpixel web site is running on Apache/2.2.3 (CentOS) which happen to be a full open source server. http://uptime.netcraft.com/up/graph?site=wetpixel.com I can live with it.
  14. Hi Nick, Water is pouring in the valley from several undergorund springs which formed a couple of bourns. In the midlle age two mills and a paint factory were powered by these creeks. Then during the mid 60s they built a small barrier to create a lake as a water supply for the surrounding lands; today it is also used to supply power to an hydroelectric station. The lake is private owned. You arrange a dive for a small fee and usually you get a dive + lunch in a nearby restaurant. According to someone (as me ) the lunch is better than the dive: we are in a part of Italy famous for wild sheep-grazing http://bit.ly/JWwWDO
  15. Absolutely wrong. Without open source software you would not be able to write you message here. 95% of the Internet IT infrastructure is based on open source software.
  16. Same music here Once you are used to throw your files at the timeline there's no way to go back to transcoding era.
  17. Guys relax, I know who is the author and I know that clothes don't make the man. It's just a joke for a cover that is objectively one of the ugliest I've seen Cheers
  18. I hope the videographer is better than the cover graphic designer
  19. Hi, How did you encode the video? It seems suffering from a poor bitrate or not the optimal parameters for vimeo Cheers
  20. Nice report. Would be nice knowing which GH2 settings were used. Bye Edit: On Personal View someone wrote that the presenter said "Quantum B" so probably the quantum v9b (130Mb) http://personal-view.com/talks/discussion/...8#Comment_62888 Edit2: The guy who prepared the camera replied:
  21. Hi Simon, For what Edius color grading features you can take a look a these 5 tutorials. Despite of the NLE they are one of the best I saw on the net. Everything is made with the default filters: YUV curve, Three Way Color Correction, Mask and Crominance. We all descend from them http://vimeo.com/27292117 5 lessons starting from very simple tasks to difficult ones Then 3 tutorial on keys and transparency http://vimeo.com/30078836 All lessons were recorded on a laptop computer, some files are RED Epic raw files that were downloaded from reduser.com and transcoded directly from R3D to 3k 10bit HQX using VirtualDub. Yes I know that Red files are not managed real time, some other things are missing but would be nice trying to stick with features that 90% of people need. Otherwise everything is a crap! There's always something better than.... PS I tried CS6 but you get a similar speed only with an expensive CUDA GPU onboard!
  22. Edius 6.x for sure. I'm using it as Wagsy. I know that also TMPGEnc uses QS also if it's not a proper NLE
  23. Despite having a Ivy Bridge or a Sandy Bridge Proc/MB you NLE must support the Quick Sync feature. As said before also the Sandy Bridge platform has QS capabilities but the NLE must explicitly support this technology. The HD4000 GPU inside the new I7 Ivy Bridge is still an entry level GPU compared to many NVidia and ATI cards but the Quick Sync makes the difference. From what I see googling around Premiere CS6 still have to incorporate QS technology. Maybe using the Intel plugin something changes: http://forums.adobe.com/message/3666908 Same story for FCP and Vegas. BTW I read that Philip Bloom (he is a Mac guy) switched from FCP to Premiere... Full story here: http://philipbloom.net/2012/05/08/cs6/ Bye
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