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  1. I go a little bit OT but this thread is something like a pout-purri Actually it has all the features that 90% of people needs out there. Lack of third part add-on is maybe one of the few weak spots of Edius. Premiere and Vegas are plenty of plugins but are they absolutely necessary? For NLEs apply the same as other software products: people wants the best of the best with thousand of features that probably they will never use nor even aware of. With Edius 6.0x you have a bridge toward AE and some AE plugins like Magic Bullet. Probably the main problem is that Edius is still 32 bit but it goes like a bullet on a relatively modern machine. As you said you cannot beat it. When I travel I bring with me my old laptop for quick editing. An IBM T60 with 2GB of ram bought in 2006. I can Edit natively simple AVCHD 720p projects in realtime and 1080p through the proxy feature. Premiere doesn't even start on my machine. Debunking Myths on plugins.... We all descend from a YUV curve and a three way color wheel I stumbled across these video. One of the most impressive tutorial and skill out there. 5 lessons on color grading using only Edius on a laptop (mostly RED Epic raw files downloaded from reduser.com and transcoded directly from R3D to 3k 10bit HQX using VirtualDub. Upcoming Edius 6.5 will edit natively .r3d files) [vimeohd]28308331[/vimeohd] 3 lessons on Keying & Transparency: [vimeohd]32462125[/vimeohd] <h1></h1>
  2. Completely agree. Internet would be a better place if only people talked about things it own. Ah, that makes me feel better I felt strange reading all the strange workflow to load the mts files in some other NLE. I just throw them into the bin. BTW I too have the I7-2600K and Edius uses the hw encoding (Intel Quick Sync). I was editing a project with a friend of mine: 36' 26" di AVCHD (hacked GH2) converted in BD superfine 35 mbits without QuickSync: 2h e 10 minutes, With Qick Sync: 30 minutes. Bye
  3. Hi, could you explain better your work-flow with the GH2 files in Edius 6? Thanks
  4. Drew, Regardless of the replies that me and HDVdiver gave you, you try to get the better of everybody here. Always. As you said, (as common user) that's absolutely within your right but for a moderator a slightly low profile approach would be appreciated. Regardless of the fact that the forum is yours or not, you should encourage users to post and not continuously showing the World you have infinite knowledge and we know nothing. Just explain me why it's the second time I discuss with you and I receive a lot of pms from users complaining regarding your comments. Would be the first time I black list a moderator
  5. Last week end, here in Rome, there was the Scuba-Show a small event at the Rome Olympic open-air diving pool. Nothing to compare with the Eudi Show held in Milan last February. Given the open air location and the short two-days duration the exhibitors set up nothing more than a table but people had the great opportunity to test in the pool most of the exhibited dive gear. Thanks to the good weather was really a cool event. Besides scuba gear, rebs, uw scooters, we had some video and photography gears presentation too. Nauticam Italy brought few housings: among the others, the new one for the Panasonic GX1, the housing for the Nikon V1 and D7000 and a full setup for the Canon 600D was available for pool testing. Easydive introduced the new Onda Led video light system. Aluminum alloy, 5000 Lumen at 5600K, 110° of aperture with a Delrin separated battery pack made of LiFe elements. Despite I don't like having a separate canister for the lights, the system seems very nice and solid. A huge rear knob permits to dose the light continuously. Actually the lights that caught my attention were the new CarboLed 5000 & 8000. MichiTeck is a small Italian company which produces lights and arms for photo and video. The owner, Fabio Micheli, is well known here: he run since twenty years one of the oldest uw-camera repair service near Rome. Years ago he took over the carbon fiber arms production from Underwave/Igloo (an Italian housing maker of the film era). With years of experience repairing uw camera, lens and flashes, he started a small but interesting video lights production. The Carboled 8000 & 5000 shares the same dimensions: 58mm of diameter and a length of 250mm. They have a carbon fiber body, a aluminum alloy head and a Lexan transparent port. In water weigh is less than 390gr and they have an upcoming buoyancy kit. The light, based on model, emits 8000 or 5000 Lumen at 6000K with an angle of 140° (Wow). The magnetic switch is positioned under the body regulating the output power: 10-20-30W. The 60Wh battery pack is made of LiFePO4 elements which guarantees 2000 charge/discharge cycles a 90' operating time (CarboLed 5000) and a charge time of 100 minutes. Unfortunately I was not able to test underwater. I hope to take a test ride soon! Another small accessory which caught my attention is the arm clamp made by Mychiteck. Instead of the common o-ring it uses a vitrified textile material that according to some seems to be far smooth and strong of the common o-ring systems. Bye
  6. HDVdiver already shed lights on most of the triviality. I really do not understand why you write so authoritative comments. I could be mistaken as a fan boy but I really think to each to their own. I have several friends who are happy with the 7D and 60D. Actually for video IMHO the 60D is better because has a flip diplay which makes really the difference shooting on land. As already told you is mainly a lock-in matter or put simply: the pros use Canon so I do the same. I over react to your sentences because are nearly straw man arguments. On the breadcumbs over the page I read: So Would be nice staying IT. We are speaking about video, underwater video. I wouldn't imagine to argue against a 7D or a 60D speaking about photography but here we are speaking about video. And it's a matter of fact that a GH2, out of the box is equal or better than these canon models. Far better of a 5D MKII. Once hacked, the GH2 is far better of the counterparts. Of course, the final choice is still a matter of personal preferences and tons of other considerations. You did not bother to ask to OP which videocamera he has (we only know he has an Amphibico housing) nor which kind of shoots/dives he usually does. So I really get annoyed reading your reply. The question could came from Howard Hall or a casual shooter with a bunch of money. So the correct answer would be: we all agree that today if you want the all around quality of Rafa Herrero videos a proper videocamera is still unbeatable but for most of all a DSRL/EVIL camera could do the job. Out there (and here) is full of pixel peepers but the truth is that for a good video you still have to tell the story. If the weight is the main concern then a GH2, NEX-5, NEX-7 could be viable options as well the Canon 7D or the 60D. IMHO a FF it's not worth it. Just browse Vimeo and see how many deep video are shot with a NEX-5. Coming back your sentences: False, and to apply a hack you need a couple of minutes. Most of the users bring with them several settings ready to be loaded. Applying a hack it's the same procedure to apply a original firmware update. False. Nobody uses 12800 ISO for a real job and both the camera shows noise artefact higher than 1000 ISO. If you are a pixel peeper the internet is full of "A Vs B" video. False again. You can go from 44Mbs to 150+Mbs based on your needs. Only the most extreme hacks needs the 95Mbs cards for spanning but ALL the hacks works with the classic Sandisk Extreme 30Mbps. BTW the GH2 resolution stands to the Canon C300 (According to Philip Bloom) Maybe it's true for land shooting but for UW Video is false. (Again: please stay in topic with underwater video). Looking at the current Nauticam and 10Bar housing port offering you are plenty of choices: You need really wide? You have the extreme Lumix 8mm or the the rectilinear zoom Lumix 7-14 or the Olympus 9-18 Just wide? The wonderful Oly 12mm f2 that accomodates in the same 8mm port (saving $) You need macro? You have the Leica DG Macro-Elmarit 45mm, one of the best macro lenses out there. Then you can use the 14-42mm or the 14mm. Then there is the final icing on the cake: Unfortunately you forgot to ask to the OP what are his needs. PS You need transcoding with 5DtoRGN only with some ... NLE. E.g., with EDIUS you just throw the files in the bin. Bye -- Davide
  7. I had 4 people ask me the same question last weekend. I prefer educating people to make their own decisions based on their needs, so they can't blame anyone but themselves! I imagine the scene:
  8. A nice in-depth explanation of Global shutter and the infamous rolling shutter: http://www.personal-view.com/talks/discuss...-global-shutter
  9. No way you eventually take in account/process/digest the idea of the M43 existence We need an exorcist!!!
  10. I always felt a mix of commotion and remote tenderness for FC users in the AVCHD era IMHO I cherish a deep admiration for their will power to submit to apple decisions. From Log & Transfer to import files only from camera AKA from the frying pan into the fire. Why so much hate? PS Ready for a NLE flame
  11. Hi Steve, just this mornign I was reading this: http://www.divephotoguide.com/underwater-p...k-latest-slr-1/ Here the official canon statement http://bit.ly/IKONJg And to continue with the BMCC porno: [vimeohd]40504157[/vimeohd]
  12. Currently I'm using Driftwood SEDNA A INTRA in HBR mode 30P. I get about 75Mb/s. At the beginning I was working at F3.5 which is inusable (I'm a noob). Now, with my Lumix 8mm I stay F8 going hyperfocal. If I need, I just rise the ISO. It's incredible how the shoots keeps well in post. I use Edius which loads and works AVCHD like a breeze!
  13. From Personal-View http://www.personal-view.com/talks/discuss...oftware-upgrade Panasonic AG-HPX600 http://www2.panasonic.com/webapp/wcs/store...022012054037684 Panasonic AG-HPX250 improvements http://www2.panasonic.com/webapp/wcs/store...022012052929413 HPX250 owners can take advantage of a free software upgrade that will enable Focus-in-Red and "Turbo One" One-Push Auto Focus functionality MicroP2 memory SD cards http://www2.panasonic.com/webapp/wcs/store...022012052157415 Software upgrade for AG-AF100 http://www2.panasonic.com/webapp/wcs/store...022012052729863 Panasonic has introduced a software upgrade to augment the recording and shooting functions of its popular AG-AF100 Large Imager HD Cinema Camcorder. The upgrade (AG-SFU100) will enable acquisition in the 1080/60p and 1080/50p HD recording formats (in new 28Mbps PS mode), and will substitute the 2.39:1 aspect ratio marking for the current 2.35 marker. Recording in the high-resolution 1080/60p and /50p master-quality formats is rapidly gaining popularity in broadcasting, sports and scientific analysis. The 2.39:1 marker in the AF100's viewfinder/LCD monitor will be valuable for narrative and documentary shooters, as it is a standard aspect ratio for presenting films in movie theaters. The AG-SFU100 software will be available in May at a suggested list price of $250.
  14. You can't fault his argument: www.eoshd.com/content/7919/a-canon-video-camera-for-the-rest-of-us-outside-hollywood
  15. Hi Nick, really impressive, thank fro sharing. Ascents are perfect!
  16. We ruined this thread in a horror movie :)
  17. It happened to me two times with different airlines. I left 200$ of extra weight Based on my friend's report, it become very common in Red Sea travels, and airlines refuse to offer a "diver" package with extra weigh for these destinations. Usually you buy a full package which comprises flight, hotel/cruise and dives. So most of the times, it depends on the tour operator, you are left with only 15Kg of checked baggage and 5Kg of hand baggage. In such destination I just carry with me just a couple of flip flop and two t-shirts but it still very difficult staying into 15Kg with the scuba gear. In Italy, usually they are lenient on hand baggage but on the return flight, the check in clerks are waiting for you rubbing their hands like bandits. My last time in Marsa Alam, they hadn't the credit card payment working so they pretended and obtained to pay cash. Some of passengers did not have enough cash with them so after a brawl (with police action) we organized a collection to raise money for all. We were all directed in Rome, so at the arrival there was an exchange in front of the first ATM. We all had the impression that the police was acting in concert with them. We were left alone. I still remember the airport employee checking the baggages with one hand and holding a bunch of money with the other hand. Sad but true
  18. Hi Peter, I had a bad experience in the red sea. My last time there I spent two hours in an endless lane because airline guys were weighing all the hand baggage. One by one, no exception. The flight flew with a two hours delay but they earned more with the extra weight than the regular tickets They discovered the old trick of the unsuspected lovely small hand baggage which weigh like depleted uranium
  19. I have the same setup (except sola 2000), in my limited experience, so far I found that the auto wb works very well. While the Pana TM300 and TM700 videocamera had an horrible green cast, the GH2 seems to render a beautiful saturated blue in mediterranean waters. If you give a look to my first test in deep water the automatic white balance worked very well. A friend of mine, without lights in shallow water, tried a magic filter and he was very satisfied with the results. On the 8mm you need to cut the filter and place it in the filter holder behind the lens. Bye
  20. Hi Chris, thank you for the info on Sardinia caves. Ale Fenu and Andrea Marassich told me they are gorgeous! Give it a try with woman's tight. Just use double or triple envelop to avoid that some silica dust will get out. Bye Davide
  21. Guys, medicine made a lot of progress since ancient Egyptian Modern medical gauze, mostly sintetic, doesn't leave lint because lint is not safe for wounds. Anyway whatever micro mesh tissue you find, it's good. A piece of woman tights it's perfect. Hi Chris, any pet shop has it, it's very common. 5 Euro x 2Kg. Bye
  22. Sorry, English is not my language... and I also double checked the term on the dictionary
  23. Hi Peter, It's not a joke. The Silica cat litter it's really 100% pure silica gel. Exactly the same you have in the electronic packaging. I use some lint I have in my house. I mean the classical lint used for medical purposes. You can find easily in every pharmacy or discount. I fold it three or four times, I apply some staples and that's it. Actually you can use whatever mesh tissue you like. Bye
  24. The ultimate frontier is the Silica cat litter I use it since three years. I prepare in advance small bags with some lint and staples. It's exactly the same as the expensive packs. I had an aluminium housign but I like the idea that electronics stay dry as much as possible. 5$ and you are set for two years!
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