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  1. Thanks guys but Isotta was just an example. Actually a good candidate for a future housing is Aquatica. I thought that at least screw M67 was a standard
  2. Ok, I have this one: https://www.nauticam.com/collections/water-contact-optics-accessories/products/m67-to-bayonet-converter-ii But I don't think it fits on a Aquatica or Isotta port...
  3. A post full of ignorance and full of questions.... Are there any brands that offer adapter rings to make their portlights compatible with the WWL? I have the WWL-1B and it has a bayonet mount. I don't know if it is a standard mount or proprietary. I also don't know if it is possible to get an adapter for M67 screw mount. When adapting a port for a lens already designed for the WWL (for example Sony 28-60 or Pana 14-42) are there any parameters to keep in mind?
  4. Massimo, if you still have the GH6 with you, one question: Does the HDMI output work with the open gate mode? I discovered that on GH5, on open gate, when you press record button, hdmi out is disabled, so bye bye monitor!
  5. Ah, now I see it. Nice idea. On my NA-GH5 the side tripod mounting balls are handle extensions. I should try.
  6. Well, seeing the care with which users are photographing their creations...
  7. wow, nice rig. I don't get where are clamped on the bottom the two Nauticam arms. P.S. I would suggest to rename this thread Rig Porn
  8. This is my setup. After a complete rethink, I shortened the arms and went back to the center floating arm which gives a lot of stability to the system. Unfortunately, the location of the HDMI cable input relative to the Nauticam GH5 case handles and the shape of the Hugyfot connector are one of the worst pairings I've ever seen. I was forced to print two blocks to lengthen the handle and insert the center float. I am molding two blocks 5 mm higher to avoid contact with the HDMI cable. Even if I had the cheese plate I could not mount the monitor because the cable is too short. In this respect my buddy's AGH5 Aquatica case is phenomenal for the layout of the outputs. I'll take it anyway.
  9. Seeing the advertisement for the new GH6 housing, I really wonder who would use such a monitor location to shoot video.
  10. Stunning housing for Canon 1DX MkII and MkIII, used for very few specific photo shoots. Guaranteed overhauled, all controls perfect, only a few slight marks on the rear display which in any case do not affect the viewing of the screen. Free shipping in Italy and Europe. Price: 3000 euro
  11. Could you show it in detail? Who made it? Very compact e sleek setup. That plate allows unforeseen solutions Main limitation of my current setup is the hdmi bulkhead connector design (straight) and cable lenght.
  12. 3865 euro? It's a step up over the NA-GH5, isn't it?
  13. I've just copy pasted your link. That's it
  14. Ah ok. Bu IIRC currently all monitors have a 1080p panel except maybe one model. So I shouldn't be a problem.
  15. I shoot deep in Mediterranean waters. I've never tried blue filters and actually they won't fit on my Keldan Luna. Sorry
  16. Acrylic? I use Novus and it works. Deep scratches will be visible to your eyes but will be invisible to your lens underwater.
  17. Actually it's the same position as the third one in the op post, except you use the lower 1" ball. IMHO for video use, having the monitor on the rear part, I think it's the best one. This way you can lower the center of gravity of the case and make everything more stable. Of course, you will only see the monitor and not the camera's display. This could be a problem if the monitor is also the external recorder.
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