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  1. For Sale: Sony NEX 5 Charger Nauticam NEX 5 - Immaculate Condition (No Ports) Spare 'O'Seal Selling due to upgrade to NEX 6 £550 not including postage
  2. Sorry little bit too pricey, i am only after the Nauticam NEX 6 housing
  3. Hi, I am looking at upgrading my hosing from the Nauticam NEX 5 to NEX 6. Anybody interested in selling please get in touch. I have my NEX 5 housing and Camera for Sale if anybody is interested?
  4. How about the Sony NEX 5 and Nauticam housing?
  5. Thanks for the replies, will hold out for the 100mm e-mount macro, if it ever materialises!
  6. Hi Has anybody had any experience with the new Nauticam Super Macro Converter alongside the 30mm Macro Lens for the Sony NEX? I am thinking about adding it to my setup but would be interested on peoples thoughts? does it work well alongside the lens? the thread attach directly to the port or does another attachment needed? Any examples of pictures would also be greatly appreciated. Many thanks
  7. Thanks for the link, they do a good price although when shipping and tax is added in the UK it's not so attractive!
  8. Hi all I have just purchased the iMac 27inch 3,1 i5 and wanted to increase the ram myself because apple's fees are crazy. Therefore would I benefit a great deal more with 16gb or would 12gb be suffice for photo editing (Lightroom) and video editing (final cut pro) basically trying to way the costs against the benefits? Also whilst on the subject of editing, does final cut pro recognise sony's AVCHD format? Thanks for your time
  9. I am currently using the standard 18-55mm lens and port for all close up work with a diopter for the Nauticam NEX but soon the new 30mm macro lens will be released, was wondering if anyone has had any experience with 30mm macro as i notice most folk use the 60mm or 105mm. Will the 30mm be a worthy player amongst macro shots underwater or do i basically have to get in the face of a subject to get a decent shot? Got very little experience with macro so any advice will help. Many thanks
  10. Hi I have been using the Sony NEX 5 with the Nauticam housing for 18 months now and I have been very impressed with it so far. I shoot mainly in green murky UK water and i have been waiting for the Sony e mount macro lens which has yet to be released! I purchased the diopter and it is working well for me. This is where i am stuck! I was contemplating either saving for a new strobe or getting a focus light to make that next step. I have been doing more video lately and the focus light will help for focusing on the smaller objects, that is why i thought a focus light would be the next step, you think this is the right move? I have been browsing and i realise the light and motion models are great but beyond my price range. I did notice the fisheye FIX 500 DX Led, has anybody had any experience with this model? i also noticed a mini focus light which was significantly cheaper but i am guessing the more expensive would be more of a stepping stone for me? Any advice would be much appreciated Whilst i am talking about video, the NEX 5 shoots good video in my very amateur opinion but, when using a video light do you need filters? also i am guessing you leave the white balance on auto? i tend to set my camera up in 'manual' for taking pictures and just press record for video (with the settings already set) but is there a 'normal' setting most people use to start off with? Thankyou for your time and help
  11. Cheers Adam! all things good this end, how about yourself, hope all is well! Think at the moment I might try the diopter as I could be waiting a long time for a e mount macro lens, was hoping there was a 3rd party macro lens which would work with the Flat Port, guess i will just have to be patient!
  12. @ Chris & bvanant, Thats great many thanks for the advice! Could you explain please what the diopter does, I have never seen one, although i know Nauticam does one and not totally 100% sure what it does, does it effectively bring the subject closer in when extended to 55mm? what does it make the lens equivalant too?
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