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  1. I'm after a light and motion sunray 2000 battery, only really need one but will buy a couple if for sale. Thanks.
  2. i am also just getting into the hobby and have had the same problems. what do you mean by pre focus to 1m metre? could you please explain how to set up my focus properly. thanks
  3. has anyone travelled through stansted with airasia? do they generally weigh your hand luggage? also is there anything stopping me (any sort of law or rule) that says i cant wear 3 pairs of trousers 6 t-shirts and 3 jumpers (for example)?? im struggling to stay within the weigh allowances.. i have all of my scuba gear 5mm wetsuit, aqualung i3 bcd, regs. its not exactly travel equip also, video rig, weighs 20kg. i have 30kg luggage allowance 15kg sports eqiup and 7kg hand luggage. bag weighs 4kg vidcam 20kg so 6kg for clothes... im thinking wear lots of layers and pack it into my hand luggage after check in???
  4. hi, how much are you looking for the monitor and the lights, thanks.
  5. hi roger, will you sell the wide angle port separately? is it the hi-def monitor?
  6. hi guys, im having problems trying to adjust the iris through the mechanical wheel on the side of my endeavor housing. the button to switch from auto to manual just about touches if i push the camcorder to the side of the housing once i have placed it in. it really is a bit hit and miss whether it will activate the function. if i finally get the mechanical pin that pushes the button on the camera to reach and switch it to manual, i have a further problem! the wheel inside the housing (operated from the outside) doesn't seem to have the strength to adjust the wheel connected to the tray. so no adjustment can be made to the f-stop. has anybody else had a problem with this?
  7. hi, how much are you looking for the lights? how come you are seeling them so quickly? thanks. pm me if you like? it wouldnt let me message you??? maybe i dont have enough posts.
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