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  1. I just received a Mark III last week. I had a 20D but was waiting for newer technology before I bought a housing for it. I bought it mainly for sports photos, but plan to buy a housing when they are available. Mine has no problems with focus. Yesterday I took about 300 pictures in AI Servo mode 10 fps bursts and the only out of focus shots were my fault. The temperature was over 90 and sunny. There were a very few that were not in perfect focus but again I feel that this was my fault in not keeping the AF point directly on the object. The colors using the standard setting were much richer than the 20D ever was. I think I'll learn to love this camera! It will take quite a while to learn all of the settings that work best for the different kinds of photography. While there are a few people that are having problems the large majority seem to have no problems.
  2. I have an excellent condition Canon 70-200L f4.0 lens with Tiffen UV filter for sale. I bought this from B&H on 1-2-05. I just bought an f2.8 and no longer need this. I thought I'd list it here before it goes to ebay. I need money to buy a housing for my 20D. I'd like $525.00 US shipped by UPS in the conus. Thanks
  3. Be aware with Paypal that they will charge you a substantial fee for any currency conversion! Cost me $30 for Canadian to US dollars. You might want to consider this cost in your transaction.
  4. Just got a 250gb external Iogear hard drive with USB2.0 and firewire for $189.00 with free Fedex from Newegg.com That should handle my backups for a while. Only problem was it came with FAT32 and 8 partitions, but a quick look inside showed a WD Cavier hard drive. Quick download and I had it formatted with 1 250gb partition.
  5. Nice shot!! Great exposure, but I was wondering- is that a vertical shot or is it cropped?
  6. I'll put Seaspace on my calendar and contact you before. Thanks Forest
  7. I'll be in Houston all next week and wondering if any photo shops carry any housings? I have a Canon 20D and would like to touch and feel different brands if there are any shops that might have any housings. I also need to look at camera bags. I see Pelican and Lowepro each has a bag that fits inside the Pelican 1520 case. Right now Ikelite is my first choice mainly because of the ettl. But I'd like to look at Aquatica, Subal and other housings (even though the 20D housings are not being shipped just yet I can still get a feel of their housings, quality control, ease of use, etc). I'd love to get a look through one of the new magnifier viewfinder's since my eyes aren't quite what they once were. Thanks, Forest
  8. Same for the 20D. I just held down the shutter for over a minute. (maybe I need more to occupy my time with?) Love the 20D, been gettting some nice shots of my son playing basketball.
  9. It's in a shallow lake south of Houma, LA. We went out about 11pm Christmas Eve. There was a 4" flowline that ruptured about 10 feet from our platform, we have a 10" and an 8" pipeline on this platform. All night and until about noon Christmas Day the winds were keeping the fire away from the platform. The wind then started shifting out of the west with the snow, etc. coming in. At that point the fire started hitting the platform. We left about 1:45 pm to go in for fuel, etc. and had to pass within 100 feet of the platform due to the water depth. At 2:08 my data on the platform stopped communicating and shortly after our 8" riser blew out. We didn't know that until later. A couple of the producer's workers were on a facility about 800 yards away and felt the concussion and heat when it blew. We were very lucky we weren't near the platform then. Anyway I had received my Christmas present a couple days earlier (Canon 20D) and was glad I grabbed it when I left home. It's so much better than my old Nikon 995. Can't wait for more results on the Ikelite housing and Aquatica, etc. when people get them wet.
  10. At least the overtime will go a long ways towards a housing for my new Canon 20D Shot this at ASA 1600, 1/320 @ f5.6 at 2:20 Christmas morning. Temperature was about 34 degrees F, with freezing rain. (That's COLD for South Louisiana) Hope everyone's Christmas was better than mine.
  11. Sounds great! I plan on ordering a 20D very soon and am interested in how the ettl2 works out. What stobe are you going to use? There was a short topic about how the Ikelite ettl2 may work with other strobes than the D125. Let us see some pics!
  12. I've listed my A995 system on ebay #3857106194
  13. Aquatica A995 housing with standard base, extra O-rings, Sea & Sea Sea Arm VI, Ikelite 100A strobe with cord, Aquatica Wide Angle 100 degree lens (removable underwater), Nikon Coolpix 995 camera with 2 batteries and charger, magnified monitor shade, compact flash cards included 2-16mb and 1-8mb, everything in very good condition- camera has a missing strobe sync cap and a scratch on the top lcd (not monitor) which does not affect reading settings. Asking $850.00 for everything, may consider selling strobe or WA lens separately.
  14. Just got back from the Nekton Rorqual in Belize. They do have a computer available for guests' use. But I had a problem writing to PNY CD's, other people had no problem with other brands. I will bring a couple different brands on future trips. Here's a FYI- I had a 1gig CF card in my camera and passed it through the security scanner at the airport in Belize and also in Dallas. I had 12 images get corrupted on the card. Next time they will stay in my pocket!
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