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  1. For the sake of completeness, and in case anyone sees this post who might be interested, I took a punt and bought a Kenko 1.4 teleconverter (MC4 DGX model - the Pro-300 is apparently for use with lenses 100mm plus) and I'm pleased to report that it works with my Sigma 8mm! Really happy!
  2. Hi! I'm in the process of changing from a FF Canon SLR to a crop-sensor model. I want to keep using my existing Sigma 8mm lens for CFWA, but the circular frame of the lens still cuts across the corners of the APSC sensor. I wondered if anyone else has tried using this lens with a teleconverter for a more exaggerated perspective. I'm particularly wondering if the lens can still be used on autofocus when using a teleconverter as I've read some posts in regular photography forums that suggest it might be possible to use a 1.4 converter, but very little info has been given on the subject. I've tried searching Wetpixel but the results show posts containing any of the keywords, rather than all. Many thanks!
  3. August and September 2012 are in there twice . . . !
  4. Does the Bridled Burrfish come in this different colour (and size) variation? I've been diving in the Caribbean for many years and never seen a fish like this, although I've seen many Bridled Burrfish that match the description in the Humann/Deloach book, which describes it as 6-10 in, olive to yellow-brown with dark patches. This one was definitely no more than 6 in at the most, and quite a bright red-purple in colour, and also didn't have the larger dark patches, just all-over small spots. Could it be an intermediate-phase juvenile? Or is it a different species?
  5. I saw this small reddish-purple burrfish (approx 5-6 inches long) diving a shallow sheltered site at St Vincent with Bill Tewes who ID'd it as a Bridal (not Bridled) Burrfish. He said it's very rare, which may be why I can't find anything about it on the net. I particularly would like a latin/scientific name if anyone can help. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get a full-fish photo as I was diving with 100mm macro and extension tube that day but hopefully a portrait is enough. I know several members have dived with Bill, so maybe you've also seen one?
  6. It's not doing that for me; still just taking me back to the POTW homepage again
  7. Every time I fill out the POTW entry form and click 'next' I get redirected to a page titled "restricted access" that says: "Action Required The security system for this website has been triggered because of a phrase or content in your submission. If you are reading this, you are most likely a human visitor trying to log in or post a comment that triggered the system. This confirmation page helps to stop automated attacks from posting malicious links to this site. Thanks for your patience." I then have to repeat randomly generated words and confirm that I'm not attacking the Wetpixel website - fair enough, so I do all that and click 'request access' which just takes me back to the POTW homepage, rather than continuing with my entry submission. I then go back to trying to submit an entry, only to repeat the process. I've tried this a dozen times in the hope of a different outcome but it's the same every time and is really frustrating. I see other people have posted submissions so it can't be affecting everyone. I've not had this before so I don't think it's my machine. Anyone having the same problem or know how I can get round it?
  8. Oh well - I already have the S&S compact dome, and yes you can remove the shade. Definitely don't need an extension ring - the lens is miles away from the dome, which is the problem I'm trying to overcome! OK, not 'miles' but a couple of inches anyway. There's an Athena dome which is about 1cm shallower than mine, but I think they only make their bigger one with a choice of base options to fit different housings. Anyway, I don't think 1cm is really worth the outlay on a new dome; I might just wait til I can afford one of the new canon 8-15mm lenses - mmm nice!
  9. Saw these on the net - would they be useful for anyone wanting to polish the inside of dome ports? http://www.sylmasta.com/acatalog/copy_of_c...ndi_Files_.html They've also got the micro-mesh kits: http://www.sylmasta.com/acatalog/Online_Ca...ng_Kits_34.html (UK company)
  10. Thanks Jean! Do you know if I'd be able to connect an Aquatica port onto a Sea&Sea housing? Another great photo, and yes I prefer the more exaggerated distortion as well; so the shooting angle is definitely worth considering! I've got some lovely big froggies in mind that I think will work well - as if a frogfish doesn't look weird enough as it is! I'd love to try it with a snoot too but one thing at a time! Tamsin
  11. Hi Viz'Art Thanks for the info - and for the lovely example photo! Yes I'd noticed from trying it in my housing that I'd need to be able to remove the shade! I don't necessarily need a flatter dome, just a smaller one if possible: I'd really like to be able to make the most of the great close focusing qualities of this lens. What would be the disadvantage of a flatter dome? Distortion? Light reflection? I looked at the Aquatica website but the dimensions aren't listed. Do you know what depth the 6" dome is? Useful to note that I'll need longer strobe arms - that's saved me some trial and error!
  12. I've just bought a Sigma 8mm lens for my Canon 5D (mk1) and am considering getting a new dome port for it. I use a Sea & Sea housing and currently use a S&S compact dome port, but I was wondering if there's a flatter port available which will still be compatible with my housing. The problem is that the front of my existing dome sits about 4 or 5 cm away from the end of the lens, which can focus only about 2cm in front of itself, so there's a lot of wasted space. The lens only extends about 2cm out of the housing, so I was wondering if there's a flatter dome port which will do the job. Some domes I have seen include: * the AquaTech LP1 which looks ideal (very flat dome port) but I've seen it advertised as not being suitable for use underwater, and I'm not sure why. Distortion maybe? * the Athena 170 which I think is about 1cm shallower than my existing port and is made glass (mine is acrylic) so if the glass would offer improved quality it may be worth the outlay * the Aquatica mini dome looks interesting but I wasn't able to find out the depths of any of the aquatica ports Can anyone suggest any suitable dome ports that would make it worth buying a new one? I particularly want to use the lens for wide angle macro so getting as close as possible to the subject is going to be important. Currently the best position for a nudibranch for example is going to be on the inside of my dome! Not ideal! Thanks! Tamsin www.teup.co.uk
  13. Taken in the Aqaba Straight of the Red Sea, near Taba. The dive guide saw this - goodness knows how! I couldn't tell it was anything other than a speck of weed until I zoomed in on the photo I took - which I only took to placate my excited guide! In case it's not obvious (not everyone I've shown this photo to could tell!) it's sitting on the guy's fingertip - that's how small it is! Any ideas?!
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