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  1. I have a Mako housing for the PC120 (version before the 330) and have been extremely happy with it. It is a wonderful housing, and Light and Motion is a great company. In addition to the monitor back, you might want the wide angle port as well, and the lighting system they have is great as well. I've been shooting with mine for about two years. Everything I've read about the PC1000 indicates that it's a great camera.
  2. oops. I was just about to tell you how much I love my Light and Motion Mako, but I see you've already selected a housing. I've owned my Mako for about a year and a half, and have nothing but praise for Light and Motion. I haven't had any problems with the housing. Good luck with your amphibico.
  3. Actually, the scholarship I had is independent from University, I graduated a couple of years ago. This scholarship is for individuals who have completed university and are interested in the underwater realm, but know where their career path lies. More information may be found at www.owuscholarship.org It's an incredible program, and Light and Motion is a sponsor. However, my ND100, not a scholarship expense, and my credit card company owns more of it than I do!
  4. My name is Kerry Nickols and I am a marine scientist in Southern California. This past year I had a scholarship through the Our World Underwater Scholarship Society which, among many other things, provided me an opportunity to try my hand at image making. It has become a way for me to convey my passion for the underwater world and my determination to promote education and conservation of the marine environment. I am currently shooting stills with a Nikon D100 in a Light and Motion Housing, and video with a Sony PC120 in a Light and Motion Housing. I'm looking forward to being a member of wetpixel.
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