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  1. I have just measured the porthole of my type 4 housing and the diameter is 110 mm, so yours should be 100 mm.
  2. Take a look at this explanation: SUBAL PORT MOUNT IDENTIFICATION
  3. I had Subal ND2 and originally comes as type 3 and I believe, it is impossible to fit type 4 in it, even if you want as the opening and internals would not allow the conversion. However, I have Subal ND7100 and another one for Nikon D90, both type 4, so I can measure the diameter of the porthole and let you know.
  4. Impressive photography. Thanks for sharing.
  5. The funny thing is that when we look at the gross picture, you and the divers on the boat have done much more damage to the ecosystem over there, than the poor guide who discarded his cigarette packet in the sea. I include myself in your boat, as I am not much different than you.
  6. Hi all, Does someone have an adapter to accommodate Subal 3 type ports to a Subal type 4 porthole housings and wants to part with it?
  7. Thank you for sharing with us. I agree with Alison, it is an important issue that affect us all and more people should see it.
  8. I am just guessing, but if you want to shoot at f1.2 or similar situations, the lowest power of the strobe can still overexpose the foreground.
  9. Nice video - I rally enjoyed it, considering I am coming over there to dive the East coast in late February.
  10. Retra is $829 - really curious what I am going to gain for the extra $. Reliability is another concern. Inon proved mostly reliable in the past, hope the Retra is not going to lag behind.
  11. Two Sea and Sea YS-110 alpha strobes with diffusers. Both in very good condition, never been flooded and no corrosion present. £260 each or £500 for the pair. The items are in Peterborough, UK. Cheers Pete
  12. Hi all, I am trying to figure out an adaptor to accommodate Inon 45 viewfinder for my Subal ND300/ ND200 housing. I will be grateful to anyone, who has done that and is willing to share their experience. Thanks in advance
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