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  1. I would like to join the group buy if the delivery issue to the UK is somehow sorted.
  2. I am not quite sure, but the optimisations the labs do are mostly automatic –pre-sets. I believe you can do much better than that. If you would like to try next time, ask for the ICC colour profile of the Prograf, for the media they are going to print on, and copy/paste it in the location I pointed out earlier. Then open the file you are going to send to the lab in your favourite editing program and soft proof using this particular colour profile. This way you will see exactly how your file will be printed on this particular printer/media and also the colour gamut it has. Adjust the file so it looks pretty when you soft proof. I am sure you will achieve a better outcome, although your colour management needs to be well established, especially your monitor, viewing environment and the colour settings in your editing program.
  3. Nowadays colour printers have accessible colour profiles that can be useful when soft proofing or printing. If your OS is Windows the ICC colour profiles are at this location: C:\WINDOWS\system32\spool\drivers\color and it is easy to select them in ICC aware printing application. For instance, the file names of the ICC colour profiles of my el-cheapo Canon P7200 look like these: CNBBAMB0.ICM; CNBBAMC0.ICM; CNBBADB0.ICM. Also, I usually ask the online printing services to have their ICC colour profile for the media I selected to print on and adjust the file accordingly. These additional adjustments never fail to deliver improved results.
  4. Reefnet Subsee Flip Lens Adapter for HUGYFOT flat ports in very good condition - £60 + postage.
  5. Subsee +5 diopter for sale in very good condition - £110 + postage.
  6. I service all my Subal housings without a problem, even I have fun doing it. I know that most of the manufacturers offer housing service kits including Nauticam, Aquatica and Subal, though I am not sure about Issota.
  7. According to Thom Hogan, the Sony stacked sensors are two smaller sized bonded together and they are not 65nm, whereas the new Nikon sensor is likely to be 65nm. Nikon's 1" research project was fabbed at Tower Semiconductor, which began a 65nm image sensor program in Japan back in 2014. Therefore, there may be another possible large sensor producer that now has stacked capabilities - Tower Semiconductor, which is local to the Nikon research team.
  8. You probably did not read the article, which elaborates that the new sensor may be built by Tower semiconductor. So your suggestion that the new sensor will be Sony may be wrong - not the same chip.
  9. This may not be the case for Nikon: Who Will Make Nikon's Next Sensor?
  10. I agree with you. Despite the effort to complete as much editing as I can in the raw converter, I still use the PS as a final editing stage, especially when I want to have a hard copy. One of my first tasks in PS is to try to improve the WB and contrast using levels. I pre-set the shadow/highlight clipping, also the algorithm is set to find dark/light colours and then I usually hit the auto in levels. If the result is not satisfying, I play with the individual colour sliders until I am happy with the outcome.
  11. Last year we had 20C, sometime in July and August - did not miss, at all, some of the Mediterranean diving destinations.
  12. Norfolk. I shore dive in the Sheringham area on the chalk reef. The water temp. stays at about 19C pretty much the whole summer, same as in the Canary islands.
  13. It is nice and warm at the East coast at the moment - water temp. is 19C and 5mm or 7mm wet suit is fine for, at least, an hour in the water. I have both, so no issue using either. I use 5mm gloves (Scubapro) or 3mm - no issues operating my camera in a Subal housing. Tried the 4th element gloves and did not like them - personal experience.
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