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  1. Now selling lens above for $210.00 does anybody know how to edit post ?
  2. Hi all, I have two Epoque 46mm wet lens for sale with step up adapters at 67mm Selling both together for $250.00 Aus Wide lens DCL- 20 Macro lens DML-2 Both lens are 46mm and I also have 67mm step up adapter Lens can be picked up in Sydney ( 2045 ) or I can mail worldwide. Buyer to pay cost of mailing.
  3. Hi all Has anyone had any problems with Recsea not covering bad workmanship on their housing for the S95 canon when still under warranty ? In my case the reason was flooding, due to the port becoming loose from the main part of the housing . Usually the screws have lock seal liquid put on the screws but not in my case.. All I was asking Recsea to do was pay for the repair of my camera which canon will fix for $160aus Any thoughts. Brian Murphy Sydney Australia
  4. Hi all Can any tell me what the best wide angle lens for my S95 in a Recsea housing so that I do not get vignetting from the list below I am off to coron bay in the Philippines to do some wracks diving in November so would like to buy one b4 I go UWL-04 UWL-H100 28 m67 UWL 100 28ad Or if there is any other wide angle lens that I should have a look at thanks all Brian
  5. Hi Guys Has anyone got a Inon strobe for sale I am looking for one Z240 Brian
  6. Hi Julie $1700 is too much for me to pay for your suit I will have to put new boot onto your suit So all I could pay for a second hand one would $1200 landed in sydney. Brian
  7. Hi Can you tell me what size the boots are on the suit and are the seals zip seals. Brian
  8. Hi Can you tell me what it would cost to mail the suit to sydney Brian
  9. Hi is the suit still for sale if so can you send me some more photo please I use a DUI TLX 350 and it is a medium size which has one life in it. Brian
  10. brian42

    fisheye lens

    Hi Greg $350 for you lens is too much for me when i can buy a new lens for $399 Are you willing to drop your price The most I will pay for a second lens is $225 + shipping Regards Brian
  11. brian42

    fisheye lens

    Hi I am looking for a second hand fisheye lens for my s95 canon which is in a seatool housing the one I am looking for is FIX UWL-04 x0.45 conversion lens 52/67mm screw type
  12. http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi...T#ht_727wt_1141 CHECK OUT EBAY AUS > x2 cameras & underwater housing FOR SALE selling package because of upgrade. ideal setup for introduction to underwater photography. very easy to use. x2 Olympus SP-350 Camera 8.0 Megapixel digital camera. ( one camera brand new never been used ) AF Zoom 8.0- 24mm F 1:2.8-4.9 including Olympus Underwater Housing PT-030 and x2 2GB picture card x1 1GB picture card x3 spare O rings / seals for housing. cameras come with fabric case each. Location of goods : Annandale, Sydney NSW Pickup : Local purchaser may collect. Payment: Must be made within 24 hours of purchase or goods will be relisted. I will accept cash on collection of goods if goods are collected within 24 hours.
  13. Hi Mike Its a bit too much for me because I can buy a new one from amazon for $369. Cheers Brian
  14. Hi Mike the charger that came with your s95 will it work outside the us and what price are you looking for your s95 And will you mail it to Sydney NSW Australia. Cheers Brian Murphy
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