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  1. Hi all....I have a question about Xenon HID lights. I have a set of Dive Rite 24 Watt video lights. One light wasn't firing, and on inspection, it was discovered that there was a loose wire and a fuse that was blown. Very nice German made ballast in these lights, and after a few fuse replacements, the bulb blew. These are automotive bulbs and we found a local guy who sold bulbs and kits, and had the H3 base 35 watt 6000K bulbs. There were not any 24 watt bulbs listed anywhere. Here is where it gets a little tricky. Most HID lights used for diving run in the 6000K range for out put, and this gives them a nice white colour with a hint of blue at times. We were told that you can under-power bulbs or over power bulbs, and all that it does is change the life span on the light. What we also found was that by under-powering the bulb, it alters the lumen output and thus alters the colour temperature. So, we bought 35 Watt HID 6000K bulbs to run off of the 24 Watt ballast, and when compared to the other light (that was not changed), these new lights appeared to have a slight yellow tint to them as opposed to the crisper more natural light from the other bulb. So, my question out there is....what should the starting colour temperature be on these 35 watt bulbs be to achieve to 6000K output from the 24 watt ballast? I know that folks will say...well just replace the ballast. This might happen eventually, but the ballasts are square and need to be cut down a bit on the packaging to fit into the circular light. The ballast that I have is aluminum, circular, and it works just fine. We were thinking of maybe getting the 8000K 35 Watt bulbs and seeing if they get us closer to the desired colour temperature. Any thoughts and input are appreciated
  2. What about now? Do you still have this housing? I pm'd you. I hope that you do
  3. Thanks Paul, and yes,...I am the Jen that you are thinking of. I emailed Aquatica and they told me that it is in fact discontinued, or at least the model that I want. Sony changed the 550 so that it has a bigger LCD screen, and therefore could not use the same housing. During my quick search today I found this forum and thought....why not! I have some feelers out. Backscatter was also recommended by a couple friends, and I have an email out to them. If push comes to shove, I will look at the Gates housing, but by the time I get the wide angle port for it, I can get the newer version of the Aquatica and the newer camera to go with it for pretty much the same cost. I'll see where my search leads me and will be ready to act in the New Year. Most of the searches yield the newer version of the Wave. I'm even game for a whole new system if it comes to that...so it's not a total loss
  4. Hello folks, I'm new here and I have decided to get a housing for my video camera, only to now find out that it is discontinued and replaced by the new Wave for the Sony XR 550. If anyone knows where I can find the Wave for the Sony HDR XR 520, that would be awesome! My other choices are Gates, but I really would like the Wave due to all of the reports that I have read. Thank you! Jen
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