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  1. Update and revision to the original posty: Have had 2 firm bids on this system so far, as well as some pretty informative emails... questioning my sanity. Asking $1801.00 Canadian at this point, as the feedback from several people was...she was just a wee tiny bit underpriced. Consensus was 1800-2000 U.S.- our dollar is at par at the these days, so... - first person bidding a minimally resonable amount over 1801 Can or US gets the system, as described (i.e., no hidden defects!). Respects and regards to all - and humble thanks to those WetPixel altruists who set me straight on what constituted reasonable value for the system as described.
  2. Used for exactly 28 dives. Clean as a whistle. For sale for (shipping from Montreal, Canada not included): - $750.00 (casing alone) - $1000.00 (complete with Nikon Medical MACRO 60mm lens AND AQUATICA TUBE!) - $1300.00 - (I throw in the D90). Why? I bought a D800... Email me if you are interested: davidfross99@gmail.com
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