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  1. I was looking at maybe going to the caribbean, possibly the Bahamas and Turk island??? Maybe stopping off in Florida to dive the USS Oriskany?? Anyone dived that? Recommend? A lot of people have suggested the Philippines, and I really want to go that way, but I understand it is monsoon season and Im worried that the conditions wont be best for my wide angle....? Any opinions on the caribbean at this time of year, any suggestions on dive destinations that way, or would the Philippines be ok for this time of year???? Thanks guys, Im really appreciating your input :0)
  2. Hi, I need some inspiration, wondered if you could help? I have a month off, starting from today! So im looking at jetting off (from London) with my camera (Canon 7D, Nauticam housing) but Im unsure where to go? Can you suggest some places that would be good for wide angle? I was looking at heading to Hawaii, Kona, but wanted to know if there are any other places that I should really think about going to for this time of year? Ive just come back from the red sea so looking for somewhere else?? Suggestions very much appreciated! Im looking at flying out, (somewhere?) on Monday 27th June.
  3. Hi Ive also purchased the Canon 7D (I have the Tokina 10-17mm lens and will be purchasing a macro lens too) and I had decided that I was going to get the Nauticam (over choosing to buy Aquatica) until I starting then looking at strobes….I understand that the Nauticam is only compatible with optic fibre strobes. I found out that the Aquatica comes with options: optic fibre bulkheads or sync bulkheads and also the option to have both an optic fibre bulkhead and a sync cord bulkhead? I have always shot manual (not TTL) and sync cord in the past, Im happy and more than willing to move on from this and try other techniques. I have read the con to optic fibre is that there can sometimes be a lag in recycle times? Reporting that the strobes are ready but the camera flash may take longer to recycle resulting in there being a lag in firing the strobe? I was looking at the Inon Z240 (seems very popular and has had great reviews), but Im now wondering do I give myself the option and take the Aquatica A7D housing so that I can have both options (optic fibre on one side and sync cord on the other. I would get a splitter for the sync cord if shooting with 2 strobes. Not sure if I can get a splitter for optic fibre? There’s another question!) or do I keep to my original plan and go with the Nauticam with only optic cord options? I’d really appreciate some opinions and help. Or am I getting this completely wrong???? Thank you in advance Mermaidabouttown
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