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  1. Yes, it is not necessarily an underwater gear, but perhaps could be of some use to other hobbyists. Again, used few times on a trip and sitting idle since. Selling due to lifestyle change. Located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada Thank you for reading...
  2. Used few times on land with a dream one day buying rest of the gear and taking underwater. That never happened nor will ever happen for me, hence the sale. Located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  3. Looking to switch to u/w usage of my D300 as I am not too happy with my current point-n-shoot setup.
  4. Good day fellow divers and shooters... I tried the search function and have failed to locate feedback abut the SL DC1200 setup. I apologize if I had overlooked. So, here is my dilemma. Do you have this setup? Any decent results? I have a Sony camera/box with a SeaLife strobe and results have been much less than desirable. And I have a chance to upgrade to a full DC1200 with an additional strobe. But before financially sinking further, I was wondering how the curent owners are feeling. Cheers and happy shooting....
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