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  1. I have the Ikelite strobes and case for a Canon 40D. I've had 2 problems with the housing hotshoe connector . 1) Be sure the hot shoe connectors is inserted in the proper direction so all the contacts line up with the camera hotshoe. Mine has an arrow that points to the front of the camera. 2) When sliding the camera into the housing, be careful not to catch the connector wire on any of the knobs or controllers inside the housing. A slight mid-alignment of the connector may not fire the strobes. Hope this helps. Good Luck!
  2. Thanks for all the great suggestions and comments. I'm sure this will solve my problems with camera housing buoyancy. Great tips about the wide angle port weights which I've also had trouble with! Let's go diving!
  3. My Ikelite housing and strobe is negatively bouyant. It is difficult to handle when trying to get macro shots that require a steady hand. Any advice on where to get buoyancy foam (cheap) and how to install?
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