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  1. Perfect condition RDX Std Port will suit many different lenses. No scratches will suit new buyer Retail price $325 Asking $150 + shipping paypal accepted only thanks
  2. Hi guys sorry one more thing, the housing has a white oxidized look can you polish it up with anything to make it look new? or am I better off leaving it alone? thanks
  3. Hi guys Great advice and greatly appreciated and invaluable. The 4' inch dome port that I bought with the housing has a 20mm extension ring attached to it just wondering when the system is not in use am I best to take the o rings out and place them in a sealed plastic bag including the rear housing o ring to prevent them from flattening out? So take the rear housing o ring out and then put the rear of the housing back on? There was nothing to remove the o rings any idea of what I should buy to do the job safely. Shining the light on the o ring and o ring groove is a great idea and the foam applicator one I will definitely use. My girlfriend wont miss a few of them lol!
  4. Near new RDX std port for sale no scratches would suit new buyer $185 USD + shipping This selling for $324.95 New http://www.divervision.com/catalog/-p-962.html
  5. Hi, I have just bought a secondhand Nauticam 550 housing. I have never owned a Nauticam housing before and was wondering if anyone could provide some advice on the best way to assemble to avoid any leaks. e.g correct o ring greasing procedures etc. Do you take the seal out and use a very small amount of o ring grease on both sides of the seal or? Would this be same for all the port o rings? Any advice on care, assembly and maintenance would be greatly appreciated thanks
  6. thanks anyway XL too large for me
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